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10 Diy Container Water Garden Ideas To Grow Aquatic Plants

If you’re looking for some container water garden ideas to make in your next DIY project, you’re in good hands. This post will give all you need before you begin the project.

Some people might say having a container water garden in the house would require a great amount of space. Well, don’t make that statement stop you from having one. On this page, you’ll find some ideas to make it possible.

List of 10 Diy Container Water Garden Ideas To Grow Aquatic Plants

No need to spend a lot of money on it and you can even make the container water garden yourself. Just let the tutorials guide you through the process. One thing to know, we’re creating a miniature here, not the big one.

To be clear, we’re talking about a spacious type of container water garden that you can have in a place with limited space. This type of urban gardening will be a great addition to the house. Let’s get to it.

1. Pond In Plastic Pot For Aquatic Plants

Pond In Plastic Pot For Aquatic Plants

The small size of the container water garden will give you an opportunity to decor your outdoor space without wasting a lot of space. This is a practical type of water gardening that you can place anywhere in the house.

It’s a pond in a pot. The container is made of plastic and it’s full of aquatic plants that elevate the value of this water garden. You can even add some tiny fishes and bubbling fountains for more features.

This type of container water garden is easy to maintain. Just arrange the plants to the desired position. According to your creativity, you’ll get a stunning potted pond for your outdoor area.

2. Wine Barrel Pond Garden

Wine Barrel Pond Garden

This container for a water garden is in a high level of rustic charm. It would make perfect decor for the outdoor space of your farmhouse or ranch style house. This repurposed wine barrel is just the perfect choice for the duty.

As you can see, the half of wine barrel is used just like a small pond. Put some small fishes inside the water to make it more valuable.

You should learn how to transform the wine barrel into a functional container. Make sure you line it with some plastic sheets to prevent leakage.

3. Pond In Concrete Pot

Pond In Concrete Pot

Looking for a focal point to dress your outdoor space? Well, this concrete water garden should be in your patio. If you have the skill of dealing with concrete stuff, you should begin this DIY project.

It’s not a small-sized pot. It requires a bigger space in your outdoor area. For the patio, place it right in the corner because that area is often left out. It’s a great way to add a touch of nature to your semi-outdoor area of the house.

Don’t forget about the sunlight it needs. Make sure you place it to the spot where the natural lights are still able to hit the pot. The material used to make this container guarantee you great durability. It will last for many many years.

4. Galvanized Stock Tank Water Garden

Galvanized Stock Tank Water Garden

You don’t have to prepare a big amount of space when dealing with a stock tank. You can just choose to have a small version of the item. As you can see, this galvanized container would make a perfect focal point in your outdoor garden space.

This stock tank would make a great fish pond in the middle of your garden. You can even have a garden right inside the container. Use this one to create a raised yard pond. Get them at any livestock supply store.

You can aim to have a regular size of this tank if you want to have a bit bigger water garden. Setting up this container is as simple as adding water and plants into it. To make it more interesting, you can paint it with any color you like.

5. Repurposed Enamelware Water Garden

Repurposed Enamelware Water Garden

A container can come from many kinds of things. Enamelware is one of the great examples of it. This is a great idea if you’re looking for a repurposing inspiration to create a mini water garden. If the enamel is not enough, you can also get some other old metal cooking dishes to accompany.

Just fill them all with water and add the plants. Place the wares at any spot you want them to be. It’s an example of a really quick option. Enamelware also offers you with the outstanding rustic looking. Have them all surrounding your deck or patio.

6. Water Pond Jar For Indoor

Water Pond Jar For Indoor

This is a small option of a water garden that you can have for indoor decor. This beautiful piece of jar is made of glass which lets you see what’s exactly inside the container.

Instead of small jars, you can go with larger containers such as the old fishbowl and glass flour jar. You can use this item for both the water garden and aquarium. Decorare what’s inside the jar with aquarium rocks or river stones.

Let them dropped to the bottom of the container. You can continue the step by filling up the jar with water. Top off with the plants you desired and there you have it.

7. Mini Pond Wooden Box

Mini Pond Wooden Box

This is something you should check out when planning to add a simple but sleek pond as part of your garden. This wooden box would accommodate the water, plants, rocks, anything you pour in to complete the design.

This DIY wooden container is quite easy to make and it looks pretty too. It uses cedar wood which is what it’s got a gorgeous appearance. You can set one big rock in the middle and leave the rest of the water space for the plants. You can have this mini pond box as part of your patio decor.

As you can see, it’s got two areas to be filled with the elements of the garden you want. You can go by leaving one space filled water, the other with rocks. That would create different impressions in one container.

8. Stunning Water Terrarium

Stunning Water Terrarium

The concept of a water terrarium garden as part of interior decoration is not something you see very often in a house. This kind of container water garden will make a perfect addition to your fancy house. It’s the best of both worlds, semi-outdoor and indoor.

It looks like a large rounded fishbowl that sits on a metal structure. For that base, you can build it yourself in the DIY project. Just do a few cuttings and weldings, you’ll get a perfect platform for the water terrarium.

This water garden would look great if you only put one plant inside. Watching it grow naturally right through the glass. It’s gonna be an amazing experience. Moreover, you can always add more than one kind of plant if you want.

9. Square Planters For Mini Container Water Garden

Square Planters For Mini Container Water Garden

It’s a practical choice when you’re looking for a container for your water garden. Don’t overlook the traditionally shaped planters like this one. The square shape will surely add a beautiful character to the deck. You can fit it with almost any style of space.

The corner is probably the best spot for this square planter. Just have it on your deck or patio. The maintenance would be as easy as the round one. It may look a bit more contemporary but it’s still looking beautiful.

In this case, the square planter comes in a specific style. Check out the rustic surface of the wood. It looks like it’s well-painted in the past. The distressed blue painting brings up the charm of a rustic and vintage vibe, all rolled into one.

10. Simple Clay Pot Container Water Garden

Simple Clay Pot Container Water Garden

If you want it more practical, you can just buy some clay pots from the store. Get one 5-inch pot with a decorative edge and a drain hole as the main container. After that, you can begin to clean it by rinsing it out with the water.

There are recommended plants you can have in this kind of container water garden. You can choose to have the Green taro, Ribbon Grass, Chameleon, Creeping Jenny, Water Hyacinth, or Parrot’s feather.

Just pick one plant to be inside the container water garden. If you want it to be more decorative and full of plants, you may have all of them in one container. Just get a bigger one to accommodate your plan.

11. Water Gardening

Water Gardening

After you’ve picked the container you need for your water garden, you might need to know how to do the gardening and taking care of the plants. It’s undebatable that this feature is an interesting addition to any space.

With these tips, you will be able to get the container water garden you have in your space to stay gorgeous and healthy.

Some plants need different treatments whether they’re submerged beneath the surface or floating on the surface. You need to find out more information about it.

12. Choosing The Plants

Choosing The Plants

There are many kinds of plants you can have for your water plants. We’ve split it into three categories.

The first one is the pond edge plants. These varieties have roots and grow in wet soil directly in the ground at the edge of the pond. You can pick the sweet flag, rush, cattail, pickerelweed, and marsh marigold.

The second category is the submerged plants. This one includes water lilies and lotuses. They are just like the water garden’s jewels. That’s because of their spectacular colorful blooms. You can prepare the right containers that allow submerging. It should be about 6 to 36 inches below the surface.

The third one is the floating plants. This type of variety is very popular in water gardening. It’s so easy to take care. You don’t need any potting for this one. It will float on the surface. If you want it to be part of your container water garden, it would be okay too.

13. Placing The Pond

Placing The Pond

After you’ve done with the entire set of water gardening steps, you should decide where to place the pond or your container water garden.

The location is quite crucial when it comes to decor elements. It’s recommended to put the finished product on the spot where you can enjoy the sight and sound.

You can have them placed in your deck or patio. The pond should also be closed to a power outlet for convenience.

So, you can hide it with the container too. Don’t forget about the fountain, you should run it regularly to avoid having stagnant water. It could invite the breeding of mosquito.

14. Watering The Plants

Watering The Plants

Well, watering something that’s already in or on the water couldn’t be easier. There’s only one thing to do. Just maintain the water inside your container water garden level at the right level of depth. Don’t let it dry out to get the roots to stay submerged.

So, you should refill the water feature before it drops several inches. Use the automation system can make everything even easier. Don’t forget about the nutrition for the plants. Choose the right fertilizer that suits your water garden according to its needs.

Overall, choosing the container is the most important thing about water gardening. The type of pots you choose would decide how the plants are gonna be. All of those ideas above are enough to inspire you to begin your project on making your container water garden.

You can go with container water garden ideas that you’ll build from scratch. If you aim for a more practical choice, purchase the pot from the store and have the DIY gardening process for yourself.

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