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14 Deck Garden Ideas And Tips You Can Copy

There are many deck garden ideas you can copy to let you grow vegetables in your patio. In this post, you’ll be served with some inspirations and tips for proper gardening in the area. It will be very helpful for you to grow more even in limited space.

You can choose whether you want to grow beautiful flowers, fresh vegetables, fruits, or other plants. Find something that fits the style of your deck, personal taste, and lifestyle.

List of 14 Deck Garden Ideas And Tips You Can Copy

Some gardeners would love to choose vegetable gardening when the summer months approaching. While others might want to elevate the beauty around the space with flowers and some colorful plants.

Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are some deck garden ideas you might want to take a look at.

1. Herbs Garden For Deck

Herbs Garden For Deck

This spacious concept of deck garden ideas might come in handy if there’s limited space in the area.

You have to get creative to make everything seems comfortable for everyone. Growing some herbs right outside the wall of the house would be very helpful for your cookings to get fresh ingredients.

As you can see, small deck garden ideas have a perfect spot to grow some vegetables and herbs you need. The key is to manage the space you have properly.

You may call this one as the skinny deck beds. You can plant things like tomatoes, chives, lettuces, basil, oregano, and some others.

2. Simple Deck Garden Ideas For Beginners

Simple Deck Garden Ideas For Beginners

If you’re new to home gardening, you may wanna try having one container to use as the vegetable garden.

With this wooden box, you will be able to plan any herbs or veggies you want. There is plenty of room for roots to grow.

This simple box is quite effective to accommodate the plants you want to grow on your deck. With a simple structure of a container, you can have a garden filled with fresh herbs and veggies right outside the kitchen door.

3. Salad Garden Box Off The Deck Scaled

Salad Garden Box Off The Deck Scaled

This one is a garden box that you attach to the fence of your deck. It’s designed for small herbs that don’t need a lot of space for the roots. It can be called as a smart addition to the outdoor space of your house.

The floating concept of the wooden garden is great enough to accommodate the number of herbs you need to plant. One thing for sure, this deck garden ideas won’t take a floor space on the deck.

4. Wooden Ladder Planter

Wooden Ladder Planter

This practical garden idea is a great addition to your deck area. It has more space for the plants and it uses less area on the floor. The ladder system makes you able to grow a lot of vegetables on each shelf.

Because this structure needs a wall to be leaned to, you should install a platform like this one.

That wooden vertical base, you will be able to lean the ladder shelf and grow any plant you want. The rustic style of this scene will make a perfect addition to your backyard area.

5. Repurposed Shutter With Mason Jar Garden

Repurposed Shutter With Mason Jar Garden

Another idea for growing herbs, the combination of jars, and shutter design is out of this world. You don’t see this concept so often.

If you have an old shutter that you don’t use anymore, you can have it repurposed and make an awesome focal point in your outdoor area.

Besides the shutter, you need to gather some large mason jars according to the needs. Before pouring in the soil, fill the jar for about two inches high with rocks or gravels.

Then, you can continue to add the soil and getting ready for the plants.

6. Edible Deck Garden Ideas

Edible Deck Garden Ideas

Besides vegetables, you can always use your deck space to grow some fruits. Their many kinds of fruit you can try to build in your outdoor area. Check out this garden. It’s filled with flowers and colorful plants.

The main attraction among others is that tomatoes. The colors of those fruits look so yummy and fresh. Anytime you wanna have some of those for your healthy meal, just take it and eat.

7. Deck Garden Ideas With Group Of Containers

Deck Garden Ideas With Group Of Containers

This could be a great tip you can apply to your deck or patio. As we know, containers are a big part of a garden.

One container won’t be enough to make an impact on the decoration. You need to have more than that.

Each container should be filled with multiple types of plants. Aim for various sizes, colors, and designs to perk up space. Get the right plants with easy care like bacopa, petunias, and vine.

8. Flower Garden On Deck To Attract Butterflies

Flower Garden On Deck To Attract Butterflies

Growing a flower in the deck can be the key feature of your outdoor space. The scene you’re seeing in the picture is so beautiful and full of colors.

Butterflies would love to hang around the plants. Just plant them on the railing.

Some simple small containers would accommodate these flowers. That colorful scene looks so beautiful.

It surely adds character to the deck space as a whole. When the butterflies come, it will serve you with amazing live entertainment just outside the house.

9. Deck Garden Ideas With Hanging Pots

Deck Garden Ideas With Hanging Pots

The concept is simple and ordinary but the result would be extraordinary. Take a look at those hanging terra-cotta pots.

They are hanging in style. You can easily water the plants regularly. Patio and balcony are the perfect space for this deck garden ideas.

The pots can be hanging sturdily because of the stainless steel rods. You don’t have to worry about the pots falling because the material is strong enough to hold all of the containers vertically.

10. Pocket Planters Deck Garden Ideas Scaled

Pocket Planters Deck Garden Ideas Scaled

Using pocket planters as your deck garden ideas can be a nice one to try. This kind of product is available in stores.

You can even choose the color you want. This orange container would make great decor for the railing.

Just hook it into the railing and plant some small decorative plants right inside the pockets. The white deck rail makes a great platform for the orange-colored planters.

These pockets allow you to grow various flowers, veggies, and herbs. Let’s turn your patio or porch into a stunning garden space.

11. Railing Saddle Planter For Deck

Railing Saddle Planter For Deck

The deck garden ideas have a similar system with the previous one. These containers are designed for railing in your deck. Whether it’s porch, deck, or balcony. This planter would be a great choice for the gardening space.

These convenient self-mounting planters will fit into any kind of railing. There’s a patented system that offers you the ease of installation.

You don’t need to use tools or fasteners to attach them to the rail. Don’t worry, it won’t go anywhere because of the wind.

12. Deck Garden Ideas Full Of Containers

Deck Garden Ideas Full Of Containers

As said before, containers are the key features of urban gardening. You don’t need a lot of space to make a garden. Check out this balcony, various plants are covering the entire railing.

You can use various types of containers and grow various kinds of plants. As long as you have enough space, you’ll be the urban gardener.

This one is a simple idea. It doesn’t need any system or concept. Just grow a lot of plants, including flowers, herbs, veggies, or even fruits.

13. Vertical Crates For Patio Wall

Vertical Crates For Patio Wall

These boxes are made of cedar woods. You can make it as much as you need. Using your artistic sense, you should stack them to the wall.

Just copy what you see in the picture. Don’t forget to use some plastic for the inner space of the boxes before pouring in the soil.

Make sure the crates are secured enough on the wall. What’s great about this idea is the vertical installation. It won’t take any space on the floor which is perfect for limited-space decks.

14. Deck Garden Ideas Made Of Canvas Shoes Organizer

Deck Garden Ideas Made Of Canvas Shoes Organizer

It’s the other version of the pocket planter. The pocket made of a shoe wall organizer contains a lot of space to plant varieties of herbs.

This is something you would attach or hang on the wall. Just fill the entire shoe pocket with the needed herbs.

But you should aware that a canvas shoe organizer is not designed for plants. However, you could always do something about it.

You can place small plastic pots in each pocket before filling it with soil. On the other hand, you will still be able to just pouring in the soil.

This shoe organizer has a lot of pockets you can use. So, it’s gonna be a perfect item for the deck’s wall if you need to plant a lot of herbs.

15. Stacked Galvanized Containers

Stacked Galvanized Containers

Check out this simple but unique treatment for your urban garden. At one corner of your patio, you should have this one.

This deck garden contains a total of three steel containers. To achieve this interesting look, just stack them atop one another.

Don’t forget about the herbs. You should choose the recommended ones for a quality garden.

The galvanized material seems to be a bit off with the green plants. There’s no connection between the fresh green herbs and shiny metal.

That’s what’s so interesting about these deck garden ideas. You can get the buckets from local stores easily.

16. Deck Garden Ideas Using Spice Rack

Deck Garden Ideas Using Spice Rack

This is an item that you often find on the kitchen wall. In this case, the spice rack gets upcycled. Using burlap, the wire shelf would be able to accommodate soil and plants.

You should use plants that can thrive in shallow soil. You can set the garden element up on the wall.

Use it to grow some herbs to keep it acting like a “spice” rack. Burlaps are what makes everything possible. You should pick the one with great quality to extend the durability.

17. Growing Food On Your Deck Of Deck Garden Ideas Using Spice Rack

Growing Food On Your Deck Of Deck Garden Ideas Using Spice Rack

The kind of food we’re talking about here is the vegetables and fruits. Growing the food on the deck or patio will make the garden more functional to your life. You’re not only getting the decorative appearance but also a food supply.

Here are some recommended plants that are perfect for your deck garden ideas.

Tomato. This is a classic choice of plants for urban gardening on deck. It’s perfect for the deck since it gets the heat it needs. The container should be 18 inches deep to grow it properly.
Potato. It’s friendly to a container. When it’s fully grown, you don’t need to do a lot of digging and searching.
Salad Greens. This type of plant would have a small root system that would perfect for any kind of container. Just sow a small patch of seeds thinly every week. The supply will always be ready.
Herbs. This an ideal plant type for deck or patio. Get them close to the kitchen. So, whenever you want, you can just pop outside and grab some ingredients you need.

18. Things To Consider Of Deck Garden Ideas Using Spice Rack Scaled

Things To Consider Of Deck Garden Ideas Using Spice Rack Scaled

There are things to consider before deciding to grow food in the garden. First, you have to avoid the container for overcrowding. Otherwise, the growing process will be failed.

Two other things you should also consider is the regular watering and soil maintenance.

Edible plants are quite needy. You should water them regularly since it needs more than other crops. Don’t forget to add some organic fertilizers to get perfect quality for the plants.

The real reason why you should grow edibles on the deck or patio is divided into five things.

More light, fewer weeds and pests, less water use, and easy access. So, the patio or deck would be a perfect space for edible gardening.

There are a lot of ways you can go dealing with deck garden ideas. You should pick the right one for your space. Don’t forget to always use quality ingredients to take care of your garden.

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