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15 Cool Succulent Wall Planter Ideas To Inspire

Having a succulent wall planter as part of the decoration of the house is quite a trend nowadays. You can even have one without spending money. There are many ideas and tutorials out there that will show you how to make one.

If you’re new to this, don’t worry. You don’t have to be a great DIYer to make a succulent wall planter. As we know, people love to grow succulents in their homes because these plants are the easiest to grow on this planet. They also come in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

List of 15 Cool Succulent Wall Planter Ideas To Inspire

In this post, you’ll be served with some cool ideas of succulent wall planter that are easy to make. You can have them for your next DIY project.

1. Succulents Picture Frame

Succulents Picture Frame

Arranging various succulents in a picture frame would be a fun thing to do. You will enjoy doing this DIY project by yourself or with the kids. Express your inner artistic skill to organize the position of the plants on the platform.

This planter looks like a real 3D picture. It’s even better because they are real plants. You can just call it a succulent wall art in a frame.

You should prepare all the materials including a picture frame, a wooden board, a greenhouse shading material, wood glue, and some other supporting items. You can aim to make a larger piece but you have to keep in mind that it would make the project heavier.

This picture frame planter is quite easy to make. With proper ingredients and a step-by-step guide, you will handle it just right.

2. Plastic Containers As Planter

Plastic Containers As Planter

As you can see, there’re a lot of containers in one part of the wall. It fully covers the specific space on the wall. This is for you who want to add such bold addition to the white wall.

These are Eco vertical garden wall planter products that you can buy. In this case, the concept has a total of 88 planters with various succulents. The first you have to do is purchase it as many as you want.

The more you have the planter, the more wall space is covered by the succulents. If you like the decor items inside the house to be minimal, you can just buy one set of this product. In one purchase, you will get 4 containers.

Some features that make people want to buy these containers are quite supportive of urban gardening. This product is easy to install and it’s perfect for both indoors and outdoors. The breathable design makes the plants easier to grow in this planter.

3. Square Or Rectangular Shape For Vertical Garden

Square Or Rectangular Shape For Vertical Garden

This one is probably the most popular type for a vertical succulent wall planter. This one is as easy as the previous one. Take a look at the rustic character of these framed wall planter. You can hang this frame in the living room and entryway.

There are four rustic frames in this picture. All these vertical gardens will make a great addition to your wall. Instead of hanging it like a photo, you can put them on the table and lean the succulents to the wall. That would be enough to make an attractive scene.

4. Wreath Of Succulent

Wreath Of Succulent

This is a gorgeous way to welcome the guests into the house. You can hang this amazing living wreath of succulents on the wall of the entryway. This planter has a modern twist to traditional treatment.

As we know, there are a wide variety of colors and shapes from succulents. Those features would make the wreath become the true statement-making item on the wall or door.

To keep the living plants healthy, you should make sure that it gets direct sunlight it needs for at least a week.

One more thing, don’t forget to water the succulents every four weeks or so. The amount of watering depends on how dry the plant feels.

5. Monogram Succulent Wall Planter

Monogram Succulent Wall Planter

Instead of having planter with ordinary shape, why you make it more personal. You can start a DIY project to make the frame that forms an alphabet.

You can call this as a monogram planter that would give a great personal touch to your indoor or outdoor wall. It’s quite simple to make, you can just make a letter from a wooden board and put in all the little succulents you want.

If you don’t have time to make one, you can just buy the letter from the local flea market. You may find some funky letters for sale and they’re made of distressed metal. It will make a perfect vessel for the plants.

Such combination, metal, or wood and fresh plants would offer you an effortlessly charming accent that suits any style in your home. Put this decor anywhere you want, it would make a statement there.

6. “Heart” Succulent Wall Planter

“Heart” Succulent Wall Planter

It’s another option for you who wants to avoid having the ordinary style of frame for a succulent wall planter. Consider this heart-shaped wall planter. It looks so lovely. This wooden item is quite easy to make. Although, it’s also available if you want to buy it from the store.

It looks like a heart filled with succulents. You can pick any colors and types to make a more festive look to the product. After you get the wooden frame, you can fill it with sphagnum moss to keep the plants alive.

It’s a good recommendation if you give this to your loved ones as a present. During valentine’s day, you can even hang them on the wall as part of the decoration for the occasion.

7. Impressive Geometric Shape Planter

Impressive Geometric Shape Planter

This hanging planter for the wall is a great treatment for succulents. The decor item is made of ceramic which explains the glamourous design. When you’re having this on the wall, just one item, it would be enough to catch attention to space.

The wall succulent wall planter has been elevated to the next level with this fancy geometric item. It’s not something you can do as your DIY project. You can purchase it in packs of two for only 17 dollars.

One highlight of this planter is the unique gold frame. The shape of the structure is just like a diamond. That mini white pot is enough to plant a small succulent on the wall. This item would look great on hallways or bathrooms.

If you’re not advanced enough to make it your own, you can just spend a little bit more of your budget to get the packs.

8. Modern House Number With Planter

Modern House Number With Planter

Planting a succulent right beside the house number is probably the most unique thing today. This sleek planter looks perfect in front of that white brick wall. It embellishes the background texture.

This plaque is hung on the outdoor wall in front of the house. When it gets direct sunlight, it will become an astonishing scene out there. As you can see from the picture, the only two things that appear are the number and the succulent.

9. Hexagonal Succulent Wall Planter

Hexagonal Succulent Wall Planter

This kind of planter is not only designed for succulent. You can use it for any form of little plant to decorate the empty wall. In this case, we’re dealing with the cactus. The dark reclaimed wood look on this item is what makes it so special.

The combination of dark wood color and natural green feels like what we see in nature. The planter looks like the soil that we display on the wall. That empty white background complements the beauty of this hexagonal pot.

10. Chevron Style Vertical Succulent Wall Planter

Chevron Style Vertical Succulent Wall Planter

Take a look at this interesting wooden planter. It’s not a simple basic frame for a succulent garden. It’s way better than that. The chevron design is added to the structure. That unique twist creates an outstanding pattern for the finished product.

This is one of the DIY project ideas from the Jenwoodhouse website. It’s the perfect one for your next spare time. It’s made with some simple ingredients and materials that you can easily buy from Home Depot. Without even spending a lot of money, you can create such an impressive piece of decor.

One thing for sure, this succulent wall planter is not something that you can hand on the wall. It needs a shelf, table, or other surfaces. For example, this thing will look great on a fireplace mantle. Make it a focal point and you are done.

11. Copper Pipe For Hanging Planter

Copper Pipe For Hanging Planter

Yeah right. This is not completely a wall planter. However, this pipe mechanism makes the hanging planter becomes attached to the wall. The structure is covered with brass to give some kind of fancy accent to the wall.

It becomes more fun with the addition of that colorful string. You can choose any color you want. Make sure that color is bold enough to impress everyone. What about that punny sign? You can make it personal by using your name or another pun that you think is better than this.

This copper pipe gives you a chance to incorporate any type of hanging planters or pots to be an amazing wall decoration. It’s a clever way of designing the interior of the house.

12. Hanging Potted Wall Of Succulents

Hanging Potted Wall Of Succulents

It’s such a nice decor for your patio. The wooden base is made of reclaimed wood that complements the terracotta pots. Arrange them all neatly on each metal holder.

It contains a total of 12 containers on a single platform. It would make a significant focal point that changes the entire atmosphere of your outdoor space.

13. Galvanized Planters With Circular Shape

Galvanized Planters With Circular Shape

Check out this set up three wall planters. It does offer an interesting scene to the wall surface. It would make a perfect addition in your rustic, antique, or farmhouse style interior.

You can craft this set of planters from galvanized steel with a circular shape. As you can see, it looks impressive with a weathered gray finish that comes with some crucial details. Each item also has an industrial look on the surface.

The neutral color of this planter set is great for any style design your have in your house. It doesn’t have to the rustic one. You can add these weathered items in your modern house wall for a contrasting twist.

Any small succulents would look fantastic in this planter. You can buy some of these products at the online store at an affordable price with a discount.

The succulent plants are part of the cactus family. So, this planter would be very relevant to the plant itself. This would be a fun idea to add to your DIY project list. If you find the right instructions or someone to teach you how you will enjoy it.

You should know that this single cactus planter is available in the online store. You can buy the whole kit including all the succulents. Then, you can just organize all the plants properly inside the uniquely-shaped frame.

This wooden planter is made of redwood which offers a beautiful look to be part of complete wall decoration. This kit manufactured by Succulent Gardens company which specializes in selling stuff for urban gardening.

The succulent you see in the picture is not the real one. It shows you that you can make a nice planter from the shadowbox. This idea could be a nice concept to apply for your next DIY project. You can fit the item in a very tight space like that one.

So, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have any space to hang a planter on the wall. There’s always a way to go. That rustic shadowbox would create an interesting scene even in such a narrow vertical space. The combination of distressed wood material and fresh plants are just perfect.

The planters are not the key to grow succulent and make it as a great decoration for the wall. What important is to know how to grow plants and taking care of them.

Make sure you do it regularly according to the needs. It would maintain the natural beauty of your succulent wall planter.

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