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17 Gorgeous Tropical Flowering Plants To Beautify Your Garden

Is there anybody who does not want to have tropical flowering plants in their garden? Offering vibrant colors and alluring fragrance, these blooms will be able to make your space even more enchanting.

The good news is that you do not have to live in mostly-sunny regions to add tropical flowers in your space. Some cold, hardy plants will make it possible to have a sultry garden in a cold climate.

List of 17 Gorgeous Tropical Flowering Plants To Beautify Your Garden

Growing species that require adequate heat, light, and moisture will not be a wrong move as well. You can simply grow them in a bucket or container so that they can be moved indoors throughout the danger of cold winter days.

Here are some of the best tropical flowering plants to grow in your garden for an additional exotic touch.

1. Hibiscus


If you are looking for tropical flowering trees that cultivate well even in a cold climate, hibiscus will be one of the best solutions.

This beautiful flowering plant is very simple to grow and able to successfully thrive in both tropics and cooler areas. Cold, hardy hibiscus hybrids, for instance, can work well as outlying north as Zone 4.

2. Blue-Violet Agapanthus

Blue-Violet Agapanthus

Bring the beauty of blue-violet flowers in your garden by planting agapanthus around. This lovely and tough herbaceous perennial is capable to flourish in neither tropic nor temperate regions.

These tropical flowering plants not only provide awesome blooms but also lush strap-like leaves that adorn any garden seamlessly. They are generally suitable for borders and containers too.

3. Mandevilla


Even though Mandevilla is not a cold, hardy plant, they allow you to hide them away indoors throughout the risk of risk by growing the flowers in containers.

More interestingly, Mandevilla will work well in hanging baskets too. Just make sure to keep the flowers well fertilized and watered to encourage growth and blooms.

4. Canna Tropical Flowering Plants

Canna Tropical Flowering Plants

It is safe to say that canna is one of the easiest tropical plants to grow out there. More interestingly, it can be thrived both directly on the ground and in containers.

Growing the exotic-looking canna may offer you a wonderful foliage show and extravagant blooms in your garden.

When winter comes, you just need to add as much mulch as possible around the base of your canna. USDA Zone 6 may provide a nice environment to cultivate canna.

5. Bougainvillea


This sturdy perennial has beautiful paper-like blooms that are very common to appear in tropical gardens.

Compared to agapanthus, these tropical flowering plants are not cold hardy. However, you can grow bougainvilleas in pots so that it will be painless to move them indoors in winters.

6. Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang

Scientifically known as Cananga odorata, Ylang Ylang is one of the best tropical flowering plants you can locate out there.

Ylang Ylang itself is originally from tropical Asia rainforest. The greenish-yellow and droopy blooms that give a delicate floral fragrance identify it.

Thanks to their natural scent, the oil extracted from the petals of Ylang Ylang is typically employed to create aromatherapy. You can even discover one of the worldwide luxurious brands use this extract in their perfume products.

If you grow this tropical plant in moist, warm climates, it will be able to attain 30-40 feet high and provide great shade in your garden.

It will take around a year or two to enjoy the Ylang Ylang blooms when you are growing young plants that are spread through cuttings. However, this flowering plant may not work well in cold climates.

7. Oleander


Nowadays, you can easily find oleander in numerous varieties. If a white flower tropical plant is among your top list right now, this species should be a perfect choice.

Oleander owns showy blooms that come in various colors ranging from pure white to deep magenta. Aside from being a colorful addition to your garden, it will offer the space a powerful rose geranium fragrance.

Here is one of the most stunning tropical flower plants that are native to the Mediterranean region. That is why you had better grow them in hot, dry summers.

However, you can also grow oleanders in medium, wet winters. Since they are hassle-free and tolerant of drought, it will be effortless to cultivate them in pots around your patios or decks.

If you like to add natural hedges around your yard for increased privacy, oleander will make an excellent option as well.

Although oleanders seem to be a versatile choice, keep in mind that all parts of this plant are considered poisonous for both pets and humans.

8. Plumeria


None could deny that plumeria is one of the most stunning tropical flowering plants out there. This flower allows you to enjoy an astounding range of colors.

Plumeria offers everlasting beauty as well as exotic aroma that encourages the images of tropical island gateways along with their turquoise water and white sandy beach.

Its enchanting scent turns out to be more persistent in the evening, attracting nocturnal species to enjoy the delight.

Try to grow these tropical flowering plants in a huge pot since it does well in this manner. Keep in mind that this flower will like well-drained soil in full-sun areas as well.

Besides, this one of the tropical flowering plants can also thrive effortlessly from cuttings. For your further information, some plumeria cultivars will discard all their leaves before blooming completely.

9. Angel’s Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpet

When you are looking for tropical flower images, it is common to get in touch with the angel’s trumpet since this blooming plant is popular too.

This flower will make an ideal option if you need tropical flowering plants that do well in pots and loves partial shades.

Angel’s trumpets have dangling flowers that come in a variety of colors, such as pastel pink, apricot orange, creamy white, and golden yellow. Some hybrid varieties provide outstanding double blossoms as well as variegated foliages.

Uniquely, the blooms of the angel’s trumpet tend to discharge their charming, lush fragrance to draw pollinators when the evening comes.

If you are interested in these tropical flowering plants, make sure to prune them occasionally since they are a fast grower.

However, similar to oleander, this flower is deemed poisonous, so you need to plant it with care.

10. Coffee Flower

Coffee Flower

Coffee is a fascinating plant in the gardenia family. You can grow it indoors as a charming houseplant or in the backyard as an ornamental addition.

What makes coffee more interesting is its sophisticated white blossoms that release the jasmine-citrus fragrance. Thanks to the lingering scent and sugary nectar, its flowers can attract any type of insects.

As one of the best tropical flowering plants for any garden, coffee not only produces beautiful blooms but also fruits.

Pollinated blossoms will turn to be fruits in several weeks and each typically contains two beans. These seeds can be then processed into coffee.

Even though it is often cultivated as a commercial crop on plantations and farms, you can still consider these outdoor tropical plants.

This flowering tree will do well in well-drained, acidic soil. Besides, coffee tends to thrive better in high humidity.

11. Crinum Lily

Crinum Lily

Do not complicate yourself by planting a high-maintenance flowering tree if you cannot give intensive care needed. Instead, try to grow something like crinum lily.

Commonly recognized as Giant Spider Lily, it is very effortless to cultivate in your garden. From a little bulb, this shrub can grow rapidly 60-72 inches tall with long elegant foliage and gigantic bloom stalks.

Crinum lily typically owns white blossoms, but some species may generate purple or pink flowers. The blooms also produce a fresh, delicate scent that draws hordes of butterflies and bees.

In many of the South Pacific Islands, these tropical flowering plants are popular as landscaping elements. They are often found around the pools at resorts and hotels or along the beautiful beaches.

Since crinum lily is salt-tolerant and highly adaptable, you can grow this plant in any kind of soils. Make sure to provide it with abundant water to allow the flower to bloom continually

12. Hedychium Gingers

Hedychium Gingers

Growing hedychium gingers allow you to enjoy pleasant yellow, white, or coral-pink blossoms that look like butterflies.

The flowers have a heady yet delicate sweet fragrance. Thanks to their lovely scent, they are often utilized in many tropical-themed beauty products and cosmetics.

You can easily grow this plant from rhizomes in shady areas with damp, humus-rich soil. In Hawaii, however, hedychium gingers are regarded as invasive since they tend to multiply unrestrainedly in the rainforests.

In temperate zones, these tropical flowering plants can perform well in pots. Try to employ bigger containers to ensure the most lavish growth.

Different from their cousin, hedychium gingers do not generate edible roots.

13. Puakenikeni


Originally from the South Pacific region, puakenikeni generates charming, long-lasting flowers with an intoxicating scent.

When getting mature, the blossoms of puakenikeni will delightfully turn their color to yellow and orange from creamy white.

These tropical flowering plants also do produce tiny round fruits that turn vibrant orange when ripe. However, the fruits of puakenikeni are not edible.

For the best result, you should plant this flowering shrub in full sun and acidic soil with a high level of dampness.

If you are going to grow it in the garden, make sure to provide enough room since the plant may not be able to reach its optimum potential.

14. Samoan Gardenia

Samoan Gardenia

Even though this evergreen shrub is a slow grower, it can bloom year-round. Samoan gardenia has creamy white flowers that appear like sea stars.

The blossoms release a strong moldy, spicy scent that smells like a mix of clove, cinnamon, and vanilla. The fragrance of these tropical flowering plants can be smelled throughout the day and night.

Widely cultivated in tropical Polynesia, the milky sap extracted from Samoan gardenia’s stems and leaves are often employed as an herbal remedy in a few Polynesian cultures.

Despite its name, this plant is a part of the milkweed family and does not have something to do with gardenia species.

Samoan gardenia will do well in containers and prefer full sun. Moreover, this plant is capable to endure poor, dry soil.

15. Night-Blooming Jasmine

Night-Blooming Jasmine

If you are looking for fragrant tropical flowering plants, night-blooming jasmine can be one of the top choices even though its scent is a bit cloying.

The over-sweet fragrance of this bloom may cause an allergic reaction like an asthma attack and sneeze in several people. Its strong scent can even be smelled from a distance.

Night-blooming jasmine is in the family of nightshade that is related to tomatoes and eggplants. To keep the plant in bushier shape, you may need to perform regular trimming since it is a quick-growing shrub.

You can enjoy most of the night-blooming jasmine throughout the hot summer months. At this time, the masses of yellow tubular or greenish-white blossoms will cover the entire shrub.

16. Climbing Jasmine

Climbing Jasmine

There are also jasmines, a native to tropical Asia that comes in numerous dissimilar varieties. Some of them grow like a vine, trailing up your garden fence.

Climbing jasmine, in particular, is popular for its enchanting scent. In many Southeast Asian cultures, this flower is often employed as garlands at religious ceremonies.

In temperate regions, these tropical flowering plants probably go dormant or die back throughout cold winter days. Then, they will re-grow once warm weather revisits.

With regular watering and fertilizing, you can easily grow climbing jasmine in pots for abundantly blooms.

17. Passion Fruit Flowers

Passion Fruit Flowers

The blooms of passion fruit are highly exotic and have mesmerizing fragrance. Some varieties of these flowers smell exceptionally pleasant with a pungent floral aroma.

Besides, you can also find passionflower that comes in outstanding blue-purple color with a seductive aroma. Simply grow this flowering plant in pots to enjoy such a wonderful fragrance.

Since this hardy vine is prolific climbers, you will need bamboo poles or trellis for support. Moreover, you may also enjoy its edible fruits that are juicy and has tangy-sweet taste.

To conclude, tropical flowering plants will make a great option for gardens in both cold and warm climates. You just need to pick the appropriate ones or grow them in pots for enabling easy transfer during such bad weather.

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