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20 Best Succulent Garden Ideas For Your House

Whether it includes or without containers, succulent garden ideas would make a great addition to your space. This type of plant is easy and immensely satisfying to grow. It’s vigorous and it only needs low moisture.

Having succulent as the main plant in your garden space would guarantee easy maintenance. You should avoid overwatering, overfeeding, and excessive nurturing. If you don’t a lot of time to take care of what you are planting, you should go with this one.

List of 20 Best Succulent Garden Ideas For Your House

In this post, you will see some of the most creative yet feasible to make, succulent garden ideas.

Actually, there are so many inspirations you can get out there. Here, we’ve gathered some of the best ones, just for you.

1. Succulent Garden Using Wheelbarrow

Succulent Garden Using Wheelbarrow

Using such a unique and elegant container would add a nice scene to the backyard.

This small garden concept is perfect for a limited space. Just place it right in the empty corner of your patio or deck. Fill the tray with pebbles, rocks, and some colorful succulents.

You can make this small garden by using one old wheelbarrow, some river stones, a piece of mesh material, and soil. This charming container could change the landscape of your outdoor space.

2. Wonderful Caged Succulent Garden Ideas

Wonderful Caged Succulent Garden Ideas

Hanging a succulent planter as this one would set the mood in the area. The birdcage and the plants are joined together naturally.

The scene is quite unusual but it’s surely impressive. It’s perfect for both outdoor and indoor.

As you can see, the rustic color on the cage structure matches perfectly with the tones that come from the plants.

Try to copy the style of arrangement that hanging succulent garden ideas have. It needs a little bit of time to grow for it to look like this.

3. Vertical Succulent Garden Ideas Using Pallet Wood

Vertical Succulent Garden Ideas Using Pallet Wood

Pallet wood is one of the most DIY-friendly material that people love to use. You can have it as the base for your vertical succulent garden ideas.

This style of gardening would be perfect for your limited space in the balcony. You can begin with painting the entire wooden pallet with the color that would contrast all plants.

You can fill the space in between the structure with some lush succulent plants. Choose various types and colors that go against the background.

4. Sculpted Seashells As Container

Sculpted Seashells As Container

This one could be the most unique container that you’ve ever had. You can build one on your own. Just go to the local beach and collect some seashells you need to build a pot.

Just stick them with a specific arrangement like the one in the picture. Use a glue gun to keep it together.

It would make a nice cover for the terra-cotta pot inside it. You can have this as part of the decoration of your house.

This will be a beautiful way to grow plants especially if the house is in matching style with the item.

5. Succulent Garden Ideas On Floor Level

Succulent Garden Ideas On Floor Level

Without a container or planter, you will still be able to grow succulents as much as you want. This idea is very creative.

Since they’re on the ground, you don’t need to water the plants. To improve the aesthetic, you have to cover the soil with stones or coral rock.

This practical gardening method is quite simple to copy. It’s also pleasing to the sight.

However, this way will sacrifice some part of the flooring space for a succulent garden. Choose types and sizes based on the space you have.

6. Old Wire Chair Garden

Old Wire Chair Garden

Succulents seem to grow just right in almost any surface with the soil of course. Take a look at this extremely unique garden.

It uses old furniture as the container to plant the cactus. Even though it’s unused and full of rust, it doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into a delightful focal point.

You can have this as the center of attention in your garden space. The rustic look upscale the style of your outdoors.

On the other hand, you can also choose to repaint the entire chair before installing the plants. The furniture will be a great addition to any style of design.

7. Succulent Garden Of With LOVE Shape Wooden Planter

Succulent Garden Of With LOVE Shape Wooden Planter

This garden concept has always been a great choice for decoration. It’s a lovely presentation of succulent flowers. Using a monogram that spells LOVE with a wide variety of colorful patterns from the plants is just beyond expectation.

LOVE garden of succulents would be wonderful vertical decor for both outdoor and indoor space. You could also have these items as decoration for specific occasions such as weddings, shower event, or even the celebration of Valentine’s day.

8. Small But Attractive Vertical Planter DIY Wooden Planter

Small But Attractive Vertical Planter DIY Wooden Planter

This DIY wooden frame comes from old lumbers. As you can see, it’s got an overall rustic look with that stain with natural or dark wood tones.

If you already have the material in your warehouse, this project would be free. Fill the planter with a wide selection of succulents. Instead of hanging it on the wall, you can opt to have it in horizontal, just like a tray.

It would make a great addition to your wall decor. This little garden on a small peg looks so attractive. You can make it easy with some simple materials. A piece of square wood is enough as the base or background for the succulents.

With a little bit of creativity, do the mix and match for the arrangement. Find the best settings and succulent types to combine. You have to know various kinds of succulents to achieve a beautiful look for your vertical planter. Or, you can just copy what you see in the picture.

9. Eclectic Purple Succulents On Rectangular Container

Eclectic Purple Succulents On Rectangular Container

This is an amazing set of the succulent garden for you who just love the beautiful color of lavender or purple. A single color scheme for the entire containers would provide a consistent scene to space.

Those white plastic containers complement the tone of the entire succulent. You can add pearls or seashells to make it more charming than ever. If you want it in a different color, you can just spray paint it in other tones you like.

10. Large-Sized Ceramic Container

Large-Sized Ceramic Container

An antique strawberry jar can be a great container to accommodate all the succulents at once. As you can see in the picture, the design accommodates the plants well. There is a lot of space you can use to fill with cactus-formulated soil.

This kind of pot is usually used to grow strawberries. It’s such a nice container for the succulent garden ideas in your house. You can have the jar right in the middle of the space. It can also be the only one inside the room. This item could easily become the focal point.

11. DIY Hanging Shallow Pot

DIY Hanging Shallow Pot

Instead of the regular one, a tray or shallow pot can also be a good option to try making your succulent garden ideas.

It allows the succulents to flow out of the tray. The tray also provides a beautiful touch to the decoration. This garden idea contains candles too.

With the threads, you can hang it from any space inside or outside the house. This planter is perfect for a deck, patio, or other outdoor space.

The candles would create an astonishing effect during the night. Just light them and avoid the windy spot.

12. Door Wreath Made Of Succulent

Door Wreath Made Of Succulent

A bunch of succulents as door wreath is probably something that you’ve never seen before. It’s an amazing planting succulent garden ideas that you can make.

This would be a nice addition to almost anywhere in the house. Hanging it on the front door is the best thing you can do.

It becomes the most unique way to welcome visitors. To make the wreath, you will need 200 cuttings of succulent that you can buy in a pack, 15-inch sphagnum moss wreath form, scissors, and green pins.

By following a step-by-step guide, you will easily make your version.

13. Succulent Planters As Bookend

Succulent Planters As Bookend

Check out this mini garden. They use it as the bookend. This whole unit can make a great centerpiece for the coffee table. The pots would hold the books sturdily from each side. They all will be safe from falling.

The mini garden is using a couple of clean glass containers. There are some river stones inside it too.

Instead of soil, the look of pebbles or rocks is much more stylish. It adds more depth to the texture of the scene.

14. Fairy Garden Of Succulent

Fairy Garden Of Succulent

This one is considered as the most beautiful concept of succulent garden. The broken pot fairy planter uses a broking big terra-cotta pot that you might no longer use. With some creativity and artistic taste, you can turn it into a masterpiece.

It’s designed to be a miniature fairy garden. That iconic house catches attention.

Even though it looks a bit complicated. You can spend time together with your family making this thing as part of a weekend DIY project.

15. Succulent Garden Ideas In Painted Cans

Succulent Garden Ideas In Painted Cans

It’s time to gather all the cans you have in your kitchen. Don’t throw them into the garbage yet.

You can just keep them in a storage box because you can repurpose or recycle them to be something else. One of the purposes is to be a container for a succulent garden.

Don’t forget to remove all the labels attached to the cans. Then, you can start washing them all clean thoroughly.

Paint them all with different bold or bright colors. It would make sure the garden become so colorful and fun. Pick the succulent plants that have contrasting tones.

16. Hanging Basket One-Succulent Garden Ideas

Hanging Basket One-Succulent Garden Ideas

Instead of having various succulents in one container, you can also choose to focus on planting one type of plant. This idea is quite outstanding in the way that it looks.

This concept of gardening is perfect for trailing succulents. So, you will see the full potential of it.

The hanging basket that you see in the picture looks fantastic. From this point of view, it looks like a big green ice cream melting on a giant cone.

17. Tea Cup Succulent Garden

Tea Cup Succulent Garden

From this point, you now know that everything that has a space to fill in the soil will be a great container for succulent.

There are a bunch of teacups on the shelves. All of them have succulent plants. Just arrange them all on a shelf for a stunning display on the wall.

It can also be a nice and sweet gift for the loved ones. You can just have one set on your office table.

A succulent in a teacup is a unique decoration for almost any space. You can even pick one cup to set on the coffee table as its centerpiece.

18. Tabletop Succulent Garden Ideas

Tabletop Succulent Garden Ideas

Check out this clever style of gardening without a special container to plant the succulents. You don’t need pots to make it the centerpiece of furniture. Just have them on the surface of the table.

You will need some pallets to do so. It doesn’t get planted on the table surface.

However, it uses a thin wood to accommodate the soil. After that, you can pick some colorful succulents for the furniture.

19. Dining Table Succulent Centerpiece

Dining Table Succulent Centerpiece

Speaking of the centerpiece, this mini succulent garden will turn your table into a natural fiesta. The dish makes a perfect container for the plants.

Arranging the right type of succulents and other ingredients will result in an excellent look at a natural centerpiece.

It’s great for indoor and outdoor dining space. Having this dish garden on top of the table doesn’t need any other item to accompany.

After all, there are so many succulent garden ideas that might come to your mind. Those 20 inspirations would be enough to get you ready for the planting process. Remember to choose the one you like to copy according to the space you have.

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