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20 Inspiring Indoor Watergarden Ideas To Copy

One of the popular reasons why people having indoor watergarden is because there are many flowers that can grow easily in water. This kind of urban gardening brings the decoration of the house to a whole new level.

The water garden we’re talking about includes houseplants clippings in bottles or other containers. Having a plant in water will be very flexible.

List of 20 Inspiring Indoor Watergarden Ideas To Copy

Compared to soil-based planting, this method will make the plant grows slower. However, it will stay lush longer.

1. Sword Plant In A Jar

Sword Plant In A Jar

This thing won’t take a lot of time to make as long as you already have the jar at home. Besides, get some foraged stones to fill up the glass containers. The texture and color of the rocks really give contrast to their needs.

However, this aquatic plant is quite expensive. The price is ranging from $3 to $10.

If you already have all the materials, that’s it. The sword plant is the only thing that’s going to cost you. Before planting, clean, and sterilize the jar and stones.

After you’re done planting it, use the lid to cover the prevent the water from evaporating. There you have it, an indoor watergarden with natural sensation.

2. Water Garden Using Laboratory Bottles

Water Garden Using Laboratory Bottles

This is a quite unique choice of container for creating an indoor watergarden.

To recreate this idea, simply arrange several laboratory types of bottles right on the windowsill. That would result in an outstanding scene for the area. It’s going to be a nice decor during the winter season.

Paperwhites are the perfect kind of flowers for the job. Head to the local flower shops and buy some of the bulbs.

Consider the symmetrical shape while taking them. When planting it on water, you have to make sure that root hairs get into the water.

On the contrary, the bulb should be kept out of the water. It acts as a stopper on the tippy top of the containers. Leave them like that on the bottles and watch the paperwhites bloom.

3. Water Garden In A Cup

Water Garden In A Cup

A cup of an indoor watergarden will be the most unique thing you can have as the centerpiece of the table. It looks so crafty and pleasing to the eyes. This lovely DIY idea is not that hard to make.

You can make this tabletop water garden using some simple materials, like a glass cup container, water plants, rocks, potting soil, smaller plastic pots, charcoal bits, and pure water.

There are a variety of plants to choose from to be part of this garden cup. They are tare, duckweed, water lettuce, fairy moss, and water hyacinth. Use the creativity to make a nice setup for the centerpiece.

4. Indoor Water Garden With Fish

Indoor Water Garden With Fish

Check out this stunning glass jar aquarium. It’s got a cute goldfish swimming around the plant. The shape and design of the containers is the one that really elevates this indoor watergarden.

Buy some well-designed jars at the local stores. There are some materials to prepare in making this jar garden.

You will need small aquarium stones, live water plants, fish, freshwater conditioners, clander, net, accessories, and of course, the water.

The gravel makes a perfect base for the water garden. Don’t forget to clean them before pouring it right into the jar. After that, begin to set the plants and accessories.

Then, add water and the conditioner. Just leave it that way for a while. You will see it’s going to be cloudy around the inside jar. Wait after all the sediment settled. After that, put the fish into the water.

5. Hydroponic Gardening Style

Hydroponic Gardening Style

This idea has a specific method to apply. It’s quite popular using hydroponic gardening for your indoor watergarden. This creative technique can be a great pot for the decorative plants inside the house.

One of the reasons this method becomes so popular is because of its practicality. You don’t need to water the soil anymore since it’s self-watering. The container is made of recycled material that’s easy to find.

6. Clean White Indoor Watergarden

Clean White Indoor Watergarden

Check out this sleek jar of the garden. The stunning looks and color make a fantastic decor to the interior.

The bright room will be a complement to the glass container. As you can see, it’s filled with some white clean gravels.

Moreover, the natural color of the aquatic plant plays an important role in this indoor watergarden. It’s very obvious the designer wants to show off the beauty of nature from inside the glass jar.

7. Charming Centerpiece With Floating Plants

Charming Centerpiece With Floating Plants

Instead of having some submerged plants, aim to incorporate the small floaters.
There are wide selections to choose such as frogbit, water lettuce, and hyacinth. It’s recommended to get the one with graceful roots.

It would give such a nice scene inside the water. As you can see, this garden is filled with roots that come from the floating plant above. They fill up space inside.

To make it more interesting, some colored aquarium rocks and ceramic fish come to play.

8. Watergarden With Sand

Watergarden With Sand

Instead of gravel, sand would be a perfect option for the miniature of an indoor watergarden in a glass jar.

In this case, the soil is part of the potting mix. Don’t combine them with any kind of fertilizer including the synthetic one.

Just go with the ordinary products that are called as potting or garden soil. You can purchase it at the local stores or garden centers nearby.

What about the plants? This one is Ranunculus inundatus which grows leggy and coarse inside the water.

9. Anthurium Flowers In Water

Anthurium Flowers In Water

This decorative plant can also be part of your indoor watergarden. It would surely make a fantastic scene inside the room.

Growing anthurium in the water might be tricky. Choose the bare-rooted variety which suits the gardening technique.

It looks so trendy and eye-catching. A glass vase really complements the charm of the roots. You can see the entire part of the plant. Put them right beside the window to give the lights they need.

10. Stunning Green Plants With Roots

Stunning Green Plants With Roots

The bare-rooted concept is really suitable for indoor watergarden. This simple greenery plant won’t disappoint you. It’s a great addition to naturally color some parts of the house and make it more meaningful.

The technique of hydroponics really gives great things to the plants. They will be well-watered every time. Instead of watering, you will refresh the entire water now and then. However, it would be less often to do.

11. Round Glass Vase For Watergarden

Round Glass Vase For Watergarden

It looks like a big ball of water with a plant. The unique shape of a vase makes a fantastic decor for any room. The clear glass container really brings the charm of what’s inside.

You can combine this indoor watergarden with a plant that can grow taller. Some lush effects would make the space more lively.

It doesn’t need any soil, sand, or gravels. The growing roots would keep it steady and having enough water.

12. Herbs In A Water Vase

Herbs In A Water Vase

An indoor watergarden is not always about decorative plants. Some herbs can handle living in the water too. Don’t use the chlorinated one because it’s not good for gardening.

Just use tap water or rainwater. Make sure it’s been left to air overnight. The key to growing herbs in the water garden is patience. It would take a longer time than a soil-based garden.

In the water garden, you can try to grow some spearmint, peppermint, basil, oregano, lemon balm, sage, thyme, tarragon, and rosemary. Those are the recommended herbs to have.

13. Light Bulb Garden On The Wall

Light Bulb Garden On The Wall

This is such a unique choice for planters. It’s got some used light bulbs attached to the wall. The wall suddenly becomes an indoor watergarden also the center of attention.

If you have an empty white wall in the room, having this decoration on the wall would elevate the value of the interior design.

Use various sizes and shapes of light bulbs to make the scene more decorative. The different kinds of plants also complement the concept.

14. Clay Pots Water Garden

Clay Pots Water Garden

This DIY indoor watergarden looks perfect in any space of the house. With the combination of various terra cotta pots, water, rocks, and plants, you can make such an amazing fountain.

A garden fountain is not that hard to make. Gather all the materials and the right tutorials to guide you. To get the water stream, you will need some electrical machines. There are some of the products online that would complete the item.

As a result, you will be able to enjoy the trickling water sound at any space you like. This terracotta fountain garden can also make a great centerpiece on the table.

15. Spider Plants For Water Garden

Spider Plants For Water Garden

Those little spider plants are in the phase of propagation. They could make a nice one for your indoor watergarden. Have them as part of the arrangement among other elements.

It would likely be floating on the water which becomes an ornamental addition to the garden.

Moreover, the mature version of the plant can also be the main attraction in one glass container. Just be patient about it and wait until they are ready.

16. Lushy Green In Large Glass Jar

Lushy Green In Large Glass Jar

That classic design of a glass jar would make a great container for your indoor water garden ideas. It’s such a cool concept to apply. The impressive lush green plants provide an astonishing scene to see.

It’s like you have a little part of wild like in a jar. Some water grass plants and soil fill up space inside. Since it’s using that kind of base, you have to refresh the water regularly to keep them clean and clear water quality.

17. Cute Round Water Garden

Cute Round Water Garden

A water garden design can be as simple as this one. There are some minimal elements in this indoor water garden container.

However, it’s got a significant effect on interior decoration. As you can see, there’s a little cute cat in the middle.

The cat stands right beside the moss ball. It’s the only plant inside the bowl. Add a little fish to incorporate another living element into the water garden.

18. Water Lily With Pink Flower

Water Lily With Pink Flower

In this jar, you can see there are three elements, water, succulents, and rocks. However, the only thing that catches every attention is the pink flowers right in the center. There’s no doubt that this indoor water garden plants look pretty and interesting.

There’s only one flower in this glass container but it’s absolutely beautiful. Some people might think that it doesn’t connect with the gravels. That doesn’t matter at all since the charm of the water lily covers every mistake of the entire piece.

19. Wall Mounted Glass Vase Planter

Wall Mounted Glass Vase Planter

The white wall in this photo is filled with many glass vases for growing plants. You can buy this stuff from online stores. It’s such an elegant and beautiful decor item to have on the empty vertical area inside a room.

It’s made of high boron silicon glass that can handle some heat. The eye-catching diamond shape and design add extra interest to the wall.

Fill all the containers with small plants of your choice. With the hooks inside the package, you will be able to attach them to the wall easily.

20. An Indoor Watergarden With Terrarium Inside

An Indoor Watergarden With Terrarium Inside

It’s something that you can call a double attack. This amazing masterpiece is created by an artist named Alberto J. Almarza. It incorporates some thriving little ecosystem. But it is more than just a water garden.

This indoor watergarden could also be your inspiration to try. For the record, the name of this artwork is “Island Vessel Vivarium”.

21. Wabi-Kusa Water Garden

Wabi-Kusa Water Garden

This style of garden is originated from Japan. It uses the planting bowls named Wabi-Kusa which is based on the Japanese example. The word Wabi denotes something aesthetic while Kusa means grass or plant.

It’s such a nice concept to complete your indoor water garden style. Actually, there are some versions of Wabi-Kusa. Go with the one that includes water as one of the elements.

It’s such a nice concept to complete your indoor water garden style. Actually, there are some versions of Wabi-Kusa. Go with the one that includes water as one of the elements.

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