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21 Most Smelling Flowers For Creating A Heavenly Garden

Smelling flowers are not only pleasing for eyes but also capable to bring exciting moods to the surrounding by spreading their lovely scent.
The fragrance of flowers is not created equal because they generate different chemical compound that causes the smell. This scent is then drawing the attention of pollinators to each bloom.

List of 21 Most Smelling Flowers For Creating A Heavenly Garden

However, not every floral fragrance is pleasing for humans. It is no secret that some flowers generate sickening smell because of the dissimilar compound.
Then, which blossom offers enjoyable aroma to humans? The following are some popular smelling flowers in question.

1. Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum

Let us start with sweet alyssum, a small, flowering annual that is originally from the Mediterranean region. Its opaque clusters and tiny blossoms in white or yellowish colors identify this beautiful bloom.

Throughout spring, this flower generates a fascinating fragrance that is regretful to miss. If you are interested in planting sweet alyssum, simply grow its seeds from the ground.

Aside from enjoying the sweet fragrance of this blossom, you can take advantage of it for filling your floral bouquets.

2. Wisteria Climbing Vine

Wisteria Climbing Vine

This climbing flowering plant is highly eye-catching and makes a great addition to any garden. You can enjoy wisteria in several possible colors including white, pink, and purple.

When blooming, you can enjoy these smelling flowers more easily. However, not all species of wisteria generate such fragrance.

For instance, Chinese wisteria is among the most popular sweet smelling flowers in the family. Besides, it is capable to climb up to 65 feet in height and spread across 32 feet. To do so, this plant will swap its stems around various things.

Wisteria itself cultivates primarily in Japan, Korea, U.S., and China. Due to its clusters, this flower is often associated with grape, especially the one with purple colors.

3. Gardenia


Because of its sophisticated visual and scent, gardenia is frequently utilized in wedding ceremonies. In France, this flower even wears as boutonnieres.

Moreover, these smelling flowers are frequently used to produce perfumes. In some parts of the world, gardenia is also a popular herb.

Gardenia itself is a kind of waxy smelling flower that initially grows in the tropical areas of South Asia, Africa, and Australia.

This member of the coffee family acquires its name after the popular Scottish botanist named Alexander Garden.

4. Four O’ Clock Smelling Flowers

Four O’ Clock Smelling Flowers

If you are looking for flowers that smell good at night, four o’clock can be one of the best choices from the mirabilis family.

Four o’clock is popular for its evening bloom nature that prolongs to the night. Besides, it also generates intense fragrance during that time. You can enjoy the scent in your garden until warm weather departs.

It is possible to find four o’clock blooms in diverse colors as well as combinations, including yellow, pink, and white. More interestingly, dissimilar colored flowers can also be seen in one plant.

5. Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

When it comes to smelling flowers, you should not forget about sweet pea since this blossom offers intense fragrance for its surrounding.

Sweet pea is an annual flower plant that is native to the Mediterranean region and comes in several colors such as deep red, white, as well as yellow.

The blossoms of this flowering annual can reach up to 2.4 inches wide. You can enjoy the blooms along with their pleasant fragrance both in winter and in spring.

As one of the heavily scented plants, this flower is very easy to locate in every garden. Besides, sweet pea makes a great addition to any bouquet.

6. Lily Of The Valley

Lily Of The Valley

The cute bell-like flowers of these lilies will make your backyard look unique. The blooms typically come in white or pink colors and spread a magnificent fragrance in their surroundings.

You can grow lily of the valley in USDA Zones 2 to 9 and moist soil. Since this plant is a low-growing species, it will be an excellent ground cover.

7. Lilac


Grow lilacs in containers and you will enjoy their enchanting fragrance at home. Come in a range of hybrid varieties, it must be easy to find the one that suits your garden.

These smelling flowers make a great option for arranging bouquets as well as vases. In America and Europe, lilacs typically bloom through spring or summer.

8. Night-Scented Stocks

Night-Scented Stocks

If you are living in a primarily cold climate and currently looking for flowers with an intoxicating fragrance, stock blooms should be a great option.

Its subtle perfume will blend seamlessly in your garden, especially in the evening. You can grow stocks during summers in colder areas or during winters for more tropical regions.

9. Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate Cosmos

Different from other smelling flowers, chocolate cosmos generate unique vanilla scent. The blooms are typically reddish-brown and primarily discovered in Mexican areas.

Here is another blossom that you can enjoy at night. Throughout summer, chocolate cosmos tend to release more intense fragrance compare to other seasons due to the strong heat.

10. Jasmine


It is no secret that jasmine is one of the most famous smelling flowers around the world. This wonderful, tiny blossom is originally from tropical regions.

You can find jasmine flowers in either yellowish or white colors. Many perfumes and cosmetic products out there include these blossoms in their formula.

Many people also use jasmine blooms as aromatherapy and in a variety of ceremonies. In gulf regions, these flowers are dried for making tea.

Jasmine flowers usually bloom in summer and spring. You will be able to enjoy its more intense scent throughout the night, particularly during the full moon.

11. Frangipani


Frangipanis are another tropical flowering plant that produces fascinating scent at night. Its fragrance tends to draw sphinx moths for pollination. These smelling flowers are native to Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean Islands.

Nicaragua even utilizes frangipani as their national flower. It is also popular as Hawaiian lei flower because of its broader use.

When blooming, frangipanis open in various colors including yellow, red, white, and pink. This flower is often used for creating spa and boutiques.

A spa that takes advantage of frangipani typically serves instant relaxation and pleasing smell. More interestingly, these smelling flowers can only burn at a tremendous temperature of 932 degrees Fahrenheit.

12. Michelia Champaca

Michelia Champaca

Belongs to the magnolia family, Michelia champaca is a brilliant cream-colored blossom that produces a combination of banana and deep grape fragrance.

The scent of Michelia champaca might be too much when you inhale it. However, the fragrance will help to cool down your breath.

Michelia champaca itself is one of the smelling flowers that originally come from South-East Asia, especially around the Himalayan regions. It can bloom year-round in both tropical and sub-tropical climate.

Nevertheless, Michelia champaca is capable to survive in minimum temperature up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit as well.

For your further information, one of the most expensive perfumes in the world is made of Michelia champaca.

13. Honeysuckle


Those who love fragrant plants must know about honeysuckle, a flower that comes in a range of varieties and thrives everywhere.

Honeysuckle vine is capable to grow up to 40 feet height if you plant it in a warm environment. The flower comes in clusters and produces an inviting fruity fragrance that smells like honey or vanilla.

14. Hyacinth


Having remarkable appearance, hyacinth flowers bloom in clusters in different colors including blue, red, white, and others.

In addition to the beautiful appearance, the fragrance of hyacinth is also appealing. It smells like a mix of honeysuckle and strawberry, offering soothing aroma for your nostrils.

If you want to grow hyacinth, keep in mind that these smelling flowers will grow better in a cold climate rather than a tropical one.

15. Stargazer Lily

Stargazer Lily

Stargazer lilies get their name from their nature of gazing the stars in the evening. Growing the best in partial shade, these flowers will make an outstanding element in any garden.

Just like other lilies, these blooms are aromatic. However, compared to other hybrid varieties, it is safe to say that stargazer is the most fragrant.

The fragrance of stargazer lilies is sensual and a bit spicy. While the scent can clear your breath, the bold appearance of these blossoms will make you completely fall in love.

16. Daphne


Daphne is an amazing flower that becomes one of the favorites in the perfume industry due to its alluring scent.

Since it is difficult to care, not many gardeners cultivate this flower. Daphne itself is native to Japan and Korea.

In Japanese, this flower refers to ‘jinchoge’ and typically blooms for a short time from February to March. Daphne is a winter plant that prefers coolness.

17. Mock Orange

Mock Orange

Blooms beautifully in summer, these flowers release a pleasing orange-like aroma that is slightly refreshing like mint.

Those who have ever grown this in their garden will know how alluring its scent is. If you are interested in enjoying the same, mock orange is suitable to cultivate in USDA Zone 4 to 7 or cold weather.

18. Osmanthus Flowers

Osmanthus Flowers

Do you want to introduce a sweet apricot-like aroma in your garden? If so, growing osmanthus flowers will make a perfect bet.

This flower is native to Japan, Cambodia, and China. It is often referred to Kinmokusei also, a bloom that is widely grown in yards, patios, as well as sidewalks.

19. Roses


A list of smelling flowers will not be complete without scented roses. Popular and lovely, these blooms are widely chosen because of their appearance as well as fragrance.

If you need the best smelling flowers for indoors, roses will make a great choice too. They can be cut and arranged easily in vases to spread the lovely fragrance in your home.

Besides, you can find countless species of roses around the world. North America, Asia, and Europe are the most common regions to have these magnificent blossoms.

Because they are simple to care, roses become one of the most common flowers you can find in every garden. They are often used for making perfumes and in wedding ceremonies as well.

Meanwhile, rose water is also one of the natural remedies to promote glowing skin. The flower is even considered as sacred in ancient Egypt.

The following are some of the top intensely fragrant roses to plant in your outdoor space.

20. Secret Roses

Secret Roses

These smelling flowers are ideal for your house. They provide intense, fruity scent despite their creamy petals. You can plant secret roses in spring for the best results.

Secret roses mainly bloom solitary or small clusters of flowers. Then, each blossom typically acquires 26 to 40 petals.

21. Fragrant Plum

Fragrant Plum

This variety of roses is among the most beautiful ones thanks to the unique color combination. It produces long, eye-catching buds at first that turn into large, elegant flowers.

When they bloom completely, fragrant plums will have attractive lavender coloration at the center with plum-purple edges. Then, these blossoms also spread a powerful, fruity scent into your garden.

22. Double Delight Rose

Double Delight Rose

If you want to have smelling flowers that come in magnificent dual-colored appearance, this variety is indeed the best one.

The huge creamy blooms of double delight acquire striking red edges, offering attention-grabbing visuals in the surroundings.

Moreover, the strong scent of these smelling flowers makes it even more interesting. You can enjoy the blossoms to bloom fully in summer and fall.

23. Orange Freesia

Orange Freesia

Is there anybody who does not want to grow flowers that smell like candy? If you are also planning to introduce sweet, bonbon-like fragrance in your garden, planting freesia can be a nice choice.

Coming with yellow or white colors, freesia blossoms have a fascinating, fruity scent that is pleasing for your senses. This plant is native to South Africa, but many European gardeners recommend it for adorning any garden.

24. Angel’s Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpet

Even though these smelling flowers are often mistaken for datura, both of them are dissimilar species. Also known as Brugmansia, the angel’s trumpet is an exceptional flower with creamy-orange colors.

Angel’s trumpet produces exotic fragrance at the beginning of dusk. You can cultivate this flower perfectly in Zone 9 to 12, especially in dry and hot climate. It is possible to grow the same in colder areas with particular care.

To conclude, smelling flowers make the best addition to any garden. You can pick one or more among some of the above options. Then, get ready to immerse yourself in their fascinating fragrance and visual.

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