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Create A Magical Witch Garden With These 6 Tips

Magic, mystic, spiritual, witchcraft, as well as wizardry, are commonly associated with things that cannot be seen and do not have form. However, it is not the case with witch garden. What is it and how does it differ from the other kaleyards?

This page will hold the explanation of witch garden definition by disclosing steps to create one. Relieve your curiosity by scanning the tips below.

List of Create A Magical Witch Garden With These 6 Tips

1. Garden Bed Preparation

Garden Bed Preparation

Nature holds magic on the definition of its own in the forms of healing, replenishing, and energizing. While it is nearly possible to get in touch directly with the natural environment due to daily routines, you can make use of your garden to bring in one closer by giving witchcraft sense.

Creating a witch garden is all about building up a solitude space amidst plantations. To do that, you need to prepare the land first. Clean any chemical hints completely before anything. Leave your muddy boots behind and work barefoot, as tools can be a transmitter of impurities and illness.

For the first whole year of your witch garden, do not depend on any chemical substance whatsoever. Growing crops that will improve the soil quality and recharge it with nitrogen, such as beans and legumes, is a good consideration.

2. Create A Meditative Spot

Create A Meditative Spot

Since its purpose is to give you solitude while at the same time transfer its magic to your body, witch garden must have an altar or meditative spot. It is not a place for praying, everyone, do not perform any kind of religious ritual there.

An altar is just a spot where you can feel the presence of nature’s energy flow in right to you in the middle of greenery. The form of it is up to your preference.

It could be a large stone covered with moss to sit upon, a space surrounded by tall trees in a circle, or a corner with a small table full of summer display.

Alternatively, it could be considered as a witch garden décor or anything according to how you build it. Review things you would want to be there when you spell solitude or things that you can create one with.

3. Basil


The next step is so determining. You should know what to plant in witch garden to fit the context. The idea is based on consumable plantations and medicinal herbs. Often, they are kept due to their symbolization and magical ability people believe in. The list is as follows.

Basil is believed to bring luck, attract money, or raise your senses if you keep this plant around. In culinary, it is also used as a seasoning to give aroma with its essential oils. This herb is easy to grow and only needs regular care.

4. Picture Of Belladonna For Your Garden

Picture Of Belladonna For Your Garden

Belladonna’s root and leaves have been used as medicine; whereas they are poisonous to the extent simple leaf’s exposure can cause skin irritation. However, with the proper dose, they work wonderfully in healing asthma as well as hemorrhoids and reducing pain.
Its literal meaning is ‘beautiful lady’ in Italy, referring to some risky measures practiced in the said country. People would make juice out of this plant and make use of it to enlarge women’s pupils, so they have a flashy appearance. Do not ask how they use it in detail, we tell you that it is risky.

5. Beautiful Calendula That Can Consumed As Green Salads

Beautiful Calendula That Can Consumed As Green Salads

Calendula is edible and consumed as green salads as well as a natural food color. It belongs to the annuals and is easy to grow from seed. People often keep this plant for what it symbolizes, which is optimism and hope.

6. Chamomile Can Treat Sleeping Problem

Chamomile Can Treat Sleeping Problem

Chamomile can treat your sleeping problem. Consume it along with a cup of tea to improve your sleep quality. It serves the best view as a ground cover because this plant can grow up to the right size.

7. Dianthus Flowers Beside The Rocks

Dianthus Flowers Beside The Rocks

Dianthus flowers are consumable and often used in baked dishes and as garnishes. There is a subtle hint of spiciness if consumed. In witch garden, this plant is kept for its wellness and longevity symbols.

Besides culinary and magical purposes, the appearance of dianthus itself catches attention with its beautiful pink blooms.

8. Henbane Belongs To The Nightshades Plants

Henbane Belongs To The Nightshades Plants

Henbane belongs to the nightshades plants as belladonna does. No wonder people often confuse it with the bittersweet type Solanum dulcamara and the deadly one. The leaves are used for medicinal purposes, treating spasms caused by a digestive problem.

9. Lavender In A Plant Pot In The Garden

Lavender In A Plant Pot In The Garden

Lavender is famous for its aromatic relaxing ability, thus often used as aromatherapy. The flowers are edible and frequently applied in lemonades during summers and baked dishes.

10. Lemon Balm Is A Medicinal Plant That Is Easily Planted

Lemon Balm Is A Medicinal Plant That Is Easily Planted

If consumed, lemon balm boosts your sleep quality so you can get a restful one. It is also helpful in treating varying digestive problems. It subtly holds a role in pollination as this plant could invite butterflies and bees, the most known pollen transmitters.
Lemon balm fits the context of witch garden, as it can calm worried souls and heals depression. Originated from the Mediterranean parts of Europe and Asia, this multifunction plant will grow well in partial sun areas.

11. Pictures Of Beautiful Lilacs In The Yard Of The House

Pictures Of Beautiful Lilacs In The Yard Of The House

Both the appearance and fragrance of lilacs can give peace and calm feelings in an instant to their watcher. They bring a meaning of new beginnings due to its habitual blossoming during the transition period between fall to spring.

12. Mint Plants That Can Decorate The Garden

Mint Plants That Can Decorate The Garden

As a remedy, mint is known to treat many digestion problems. In culinary, it is used to give flavor. Meanwhile, according to a belief, this herb can attract love and money, shoo evil away, invite good spirits, and help magic.

No wonder why it is included in the witches’ herb garden kit. Consider growing mint in pots, as it needs regular pruning. Otherwise, it will invade your other plantations.

13. One Of The Seasonal Plants That Can Be Planted At Home Is Nasturtium

One Of The Seasonal Plants That Can Be Planted At Home Is Nasturtium

Nasturtium flowers are edible. They are often used in cheese servings and salad plates. Originated from South America, this plant is sensitive to frost, so pay attention to the season when you plant this gorgeous beauty.

Nasturtium is frequently grown as an annual that can reach a height of 12 inches. To get the optimum result, keep this plant in a partially shaded area with full exposure of natural light. Its other good traits are drought tolerant and attract pollinators.

Witness how beautiful they can get in a period from late spring to early winter. The blooms can appear in the shades of ruby-black, cherry red, orange, yellow, peach, crimson, and even bi-colors.

14. Rosemary Is An Herb With Low Maintenance

Rosemary Is An Herb With Low Maintenance

Rosemary is an herb, which demands low maintenance, grows well in full sun areas, needs a little amount of water, and fit to be in containers. You should not plant it on moist soil in shaded parts. In culinary, this plant is often used as seasonings. When consumed, it enhances cognitive consciousness.

Meanwhile, in white magic practices, rosemary is used due to its ability to heal and bring about the love feeling, reputedly. Who knows, Merope Gaunt might use it in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince book to bewitch Tom Riddle senior that they gave birth to You-Know-Who after that.

Well, you know, the Harry Potter topic cannot be left out when we are talking about witchcraft and wizardry.

15. Sage Is Believed To Bring Immortality

Sage Is Believed To Bring Immortality

Sage serves culinary, medicinal, and magical purposes at the same time. While it is used to be holiday meals’ ingredient, people had involved this herb to treat inflammatory and digestive diseases for thousands of years ago.

According to its usability in magic, sage is believed to bring immortality, grant wishes, increase fertility, and repel forces of evil. It belongs to the family of mint and blooms flowers in purple or blue. Full sun and low watering are all this plant needs.

16. Tips For Choosing Witch Garden Plants

Tips For Choosing Witch Garden Plants

In some cases, plantations that fit witch garden context are poisonous, especially to kids and pets. The said plants include belladonna and henbane.

Therefore, here are some tips in choosing the right plants for your witch garden.

1. Opt for a wide range of plants that possess different maturing times of the year and add interest, texture, as well as a visual variation to the garden.
2. As pollination is super significant in supporting the cycle life of plantations, choose plants that visually attract pollinator species. That way, you also participate in promoting the living being continuity.
3. If it is necessary to plant the toxic plants as mentioned above, make sure that they are planted away from the edible ones and of course from your loved beings. Give them labels, on top of that.
4. The most important point is to choose plants according to their usefulness for you. For example, opt for chamomile if you have trouble sleeping or merely like its scent and taste when added in your cups of tea.

17. Process Of Fertilizing The Soil So That It Is Fertile

Process Of Fertilizing The Soil So That It Is Fertile

As it is advised previously, you should cut out any dependency on chemical substances, at least for the first year of your witch garden. It also applies to mulch. Use natural matters, such as chips of wood, color-free newspapers, hay, organic compost, and chaff.

When decompose, they begin to work by letting out important nutrients to the soil. Feeding the plants turns out to be this easy. This is what we call ‘from nature back to itself’.

18. Picture Of The Process Of Making Compost

Picture Of The Process Of Making Compost

In the previous point, organic compost is mentioned as a part of the mulch. You should learn how to make it. The requirements are

brown carbon materials, including chopped leaves, the debris of garden, hay, and residues of the crop;
green nitrogen sources; including blood meal, cottonseed meal, manures, and scraps of the kitchen; as well as
garden soil.
The steps are as follows.

Make a spot with diameter as long as 4 feet in an area with the partial sun in your witch garden. You are going to fill it with layers of requirements above.
The first layer is brown carbon materials as much as 5 inches.
The second layer is green nitrogen sources in up to 2 inches.
The third layer is the garden soil. It is to stimulate the microflora powers contained within.
Repeat the layers from numbers 2–4 until it reaches 3 feet high.
Water it appropriately and let it rot. The process will take around 2 weeks to 5 months. When it is ready during the time, your pile of compost will become a fertilizer that supplies nutrients for the soil and food for the plants.

Do not use any of these materials either to be carbon materials or nitrogen sources: colored newspapers, diseased plants, meat, oil, pet litter, and wax.
Do not use pesticides and herbicides to treat the diseased plants and weed-bearing seeds. You should utilize hot compost, instead. Take out the materials of your witch garden, burn them, and dispose of.

19. Bonfire In The Middle Of The Forest

Bonfire In The Middle Of The Forest

The previous steps are just the initial stage. The next point is the real work. It is when you make a witch garden ritual by spending time there alone. Meditating, observing the closest nature, and talking to your growing plants are some of the options.

Talking to the plants is not an out-of-your-mind activity. When you talk, especially during the days, carbon dioxide is exhaled and that is just the right substance required by any plantations to perform photosynthesis.

A recent study also stated that such communication could boost your vegetations’ health.

This measure has been practiced by gardeners for ages, even when they did not know the meaning behind it. They just observed between the plants with oral interaction and the ones without. Turns out, the plantations they talk to appeared to be healthier than the other group.

Well, do you know what is witch garden now? Planning one could be a thrilling project as your imagination is involved here. Whether or not to believe all the theories mentioned above is up to how your logic fills you in.

Sometimes they are true and can be explained scientifically, while some other times they are not. At any rate, witch garden is not exclusively for pagans and witchcraft practitioners only, but everyone. Thus, you can try to build one, too, if this concept interests you.

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