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Best Fast Growing Indoor Plants To Achieve Lush Indoor Garden In No Time

Those who do not want to wait so long for their houseplants to grow should try to cultivate fast growing indoor plants.

Even though you have put so much effort into your plants, slow-growing ones will take time to show vigorous growth. Luckily, some species can provide a healthy, lush environment in several weeks only.

List of Best Fast Growing Indoor Plants To Achieve Lush Indoor Garden In No Time

Therefore, which houseplants should you grow immediately to make your garden look inviting and eye-catching? Check out the list of fast-growing plants below for the best choices!

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

If you are impatient gardeners and want to achieve such an awesome outcome in gardening for a few weeks only, Aloe vera is probably your best choice.

Belongs to the lily family, Aloe vera is a kind of succulent that comes with spiky and fleshy foliage. This one of growing grapes in containers typically blooms throughout winter in serene climates.

Aloe vera acquires lovely white or yellow blossoms. Keep in mind that frequent repotting is necessary when growing this plant.

Since it also requires direct sunlight, you should consider keeping Aloe vera near a window to let the plant thrive perfectly.

2. Jade Plant

Jade Plant

Those who love succulent are probably interested in jade plants. More interestingly, they can mature very quickly and grow up to 60 inches in height.

Jade plants can have a long life span too. Similar to cacti, these succulents typically store water and nutrients in their leaves. That is why they can live in dry climates pretty well.

Unlike spider plants, these species prefer a lot of sun exposure, and the surrounding temperatures should be around 23 degrees Celsius.

When planting these growing grapes in containers, remember that they are prone to mealybugs and other pest infestations.

You can easily recognize if there are mealy bugs around your jade plants since they appear like a miniature of cotton balls. To deal with this problem, utilize some sprays or rub alcohol by using a cotton swab to clean the plant.

3. Spider Plant

Spider Plant

When it comes to the best indoor plants that can grow faster than others can, you should not forget to mention the spider plant.

This houseplant is capable to grow up to 36 inches in height. Despite its spooky name, spider plants look fascinating when being grown in a pot.

Not only popular as growing grapes in containers, but spider plants are also favorable because they do not require high-light environments.

Different from Aloe vera, a spider plant tends to love indirect sunlight. If possible, it will be better to avoid exposing this species to direct sunlight.

For the finest outcome, you should keep the plant on a spot with 18 to 24 degrees Celsius of temperatures during the day. At night, place your spider plant somewhere colder.

To avoid pests from infesting your growing grapes in containers, make sure to maintain the soil well-drained and change it occasionally.

If you love something simple and minimalist, growing spider plants will indeed be a great idea. It is primarily green while the foliage may have distinct yellow or white that highlights the edges of the leaves.

4. Pothos Plant

Pothos Plant

Widely known as Devil’s Ivy, pothos is another fast-growing plant that you should take into account for indoor gardening.

This vine plant is perfect for indoor gardening because it does not stand direct sunlight. Pothos typically thrives better in a nice, shady area of your garden’s nook.

Pothos can be easily recognized for its lovely heart-shaped foliage that comes in green color with contrasted yellowish details.

Like other growing grapes in containers, pothos is capable to grow up to 72 inches in several weeks only.

Since pothos prefers the company of other plants, particularly philodendrons, you should consider growing it together with the said species.

You may need to provide a bigger planter to make it possible for growing both pothos and philodendrons in one place.

To enjoy its charming present inside your home, you can grow pothos in hanging baskets or put it over trellises.

While making your space looks more beautiful, pothos will also help to remove pollutants such as toluene, benzene, trichloroethene, xylene, and formaldehyde.

5. Ficus


If you are looking for growing grapes in containers, ficus is one of them. This subtropical tree is popular among urban homeowners and bonsai enthusiasts.

Even though ficus is a tree and capable to grow very tall, it is often incorporated as an ornamental plant and grown in many apartments as well as houses around the world.

You just need to provide this plant with a warm room with enough light and some space to let it grow perfectly around your house.

Once you plant the ficus tree and it does not grow as expected, wonder if the pot is too tight for the plant to thrive.

The beautiful leaves of these growing grapes in containers will make an amazing addition to your little urban garden once established.

In case you are afraid of its possibility to grow taller, consider finding the bonsai versions and put it inside your house.

6. Dieffenbachia


Coming from tropical areas, dieffenbachia is a fascinating plant with wide leaves that make a great addition to any indoor space.

These growing grapes in containers acquire a strapping stem and greenish foliage with white or yellow stripes.

Dieffenbachia can grow big around 72 inches high. Since it can cultivate fast, you can expect your indoor garden to be covered by its fresh presence in no time.

Meanwhile, it is not hard to take care of dieffenbachia as well. All you need to give are dry soil and medium exposure of sunlight.

However, you better put these growing grapes in containers away from children’s reach since their leaves may result in unpleasant sensations when chewed.

Due to this issue, dieffenbachia has another popular yet unusual name ‘Dumb Cane’.

7. Bamboo


Unbelievably, bamboo is another plant that can grow faster even inside your home. There are even some species, which are capable to reach around 3 feet in no more than one day.

Your interior bamboo might not be able to grow at an identical rate, but it is still one of the growing grapes in containers to take into account.

Even though all bamboo species require a lot of water to grow taller immediately, they are capable to cultivate without soil.

While bamboo is a fast-grower, it is also believed to bring luck. Although without this theory, growing this plant is still a good idea.

8. Maidenhair Fern Plant In A White Pot

Maidenhair Fern Plant In A White Pot

If you want growing grapes in containers that provide stunning, lush green appearance, maidenhair fern can be the best choice.

Ferns in general are fast-growers. Among them, Indian Water fern is considered the fastest. However, this species is more popular as an aquarium plant than gardens.

For a houseplant, your option should fall into Maidenhair fern since this species is capable to make your apartment garden richer in no time.

This lovely, pleasant-looking plant acquires its name due to its rich and lush leaves. Despite its beautiful appearance, maidenhair fern can grow almost anywhere.

You can cultivate these growing grapes in containers in a shady spot or even one without any light. It looks most gorgeous when hanged, so consider hanging it in a pot around your home.

9. Geranium Flower

Geranium Flower

Bring life to your indoor area with geraniums. The beautiful colors of these flowering ornamental plants will make any garden looks amazing.

Geraniums spread widely around the world, but they are mostly found around the Mediterranean regions and in mild areas.

Luckily, growing geraniums is not difficult. You can easily cultivate these growing grapes in containers in your apartment with some common cares only.

Just make sure that you do not make their soil soggy. To assist your geraniums to grow quickly and healthily, remember to keep the drainage work well.

You may need to provide these plants with good fertilizer so that they can completely brighten up your little indoor garden.

10. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

If you are looking for fast growing indoor plants from seeds, peace lily makes a great option. This member of the Araceae family can grow fast up to 24 inches tall in your garden.

Although the dark glossy leaves of peace lily look fascinating, its white blossoms or bracts are the one that steals the show.

The growing peace lily is indeed rewarding, even for a beginner gardener. You can easily plant it through seeds and watch them grow quickly.

The seeds will turn yellow and get softer after some time, indicating maturity. When peace lily is indeed easy to plant, growing them from seeds may still take time compared to starting with established ones.

11. Asparagus


Due to their growth rate, asparagus is popular among growing grapes in containers out there. This species can generate more than two branches within a week.

When blooming, you can enjoy asparagus’ tiny white blossoms that form toxic red berry-like fruits later on.

Depending on the varieties and species of your asparagus, they can grow larger or more compact than others can.

The yielding, acicular, translucent leaves of asparagus offer an exceptional texture crown, setting them apart from other plants.

12. Ceropegia


Ceropegia is an easy-to-grow flowering plant that has an exceptional pattern of branches. This species will not cause any trouble even for beginners.

This plant itself belongs to the succulent families and is famous for its lovely hanging branching and threadlike shoots that sometimes acquire a couple of opposite foliage.

Hanging these growing grapes in containers inside your home will make the space seems exotic and unique.

When flowering, you can expect unusual blossoms that look like lamps or chandeliers. Growers may enjoy their flowers all year round.

The lengths of ceropegia’s shoots can reach 39 inches and keep track of their growth is not easy since the branches may add around 4 inches each day in favorable environments.

13. Arrowhead Vine

Arrowhead Vine

In the right conditions, arrowhead vine will become one of the growing grapes in containers. This beautiful species also require moist surrounding and a little indirect sunlight.

Arrowhead vine itself is a tropical plant that is commonly found in Latin America. However, you can easily grow it around your apartment as an indoor species.

Similar to other ferns, arrowhead vine will look beautiful when hanging. However, you can select how to style this plant to suit your urban garden considering it is also a great climber.

14. Edible And Consumable Plants In A Blue Pot

Edible And Consumable Plants In A Blue Pot

Instead of ornamental plants, you may like something edible and consumable like vegetables or herbs. Fortunately, some of them may suit your needs, especially for indoor gardening.

Beans, mustard, and cress are among the best options. They make a great choice when you need fast growing indoor plants for a science project as well.

The main reason is that the growth cycle of those plants can be recorded around two weeks only. Chives and dills make a perfect choice as well since they typically cultivate around seven to 14 days.

If you are very impatient and want growing grapes in containers that take less than a week to show some results, consider basil. This herb is capable to grow in around four days only.

For indoor winter growth, you can try planting arugula. This vegetable plant prefers cooler temperatures and is capable to grow reasonably quickly.

Other fast-growing vegetables include radishes, spinach, salad leaves, and carrots. Most of them will not take more than 50 days from sowing to harvesting.

Salad leaves, for instance, will take around 21 days only from sowing until harvesting. Radishes are also growing grapes in containers that take a few weeks to reach harvest time.

15. Plants On A Bookshelf Next To The Yellow Chair

Plants On A Bookshelf Next To The Yellow Chair

Overall, it is not impossible to make your urban little garden looks stunning in several weeks only. However, you may need to avoid slow-growers and pick growing grapes in containers instead.

Do not forget to provide the selected plants the right interior conditions as well to encourage their growth. Make sure to pay attention to their needs of light, temperature, nutrients, water, and humidity.

Therefore, if you want to accelerate the richness and growth of your indoor garden, do not hesitate to try some of the above fast growing indoor plants without forgetting their requirements.

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