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Tips And Ideas How To Plant With Galvanized Tub Planter

Washtubs, old buckets, and troughs are all the examples of galvanized tub planter for your garden. These elements would add farmhouse charm to the flower, vegetable, and herb you are planting.

With just some simple tips, it is easy to turn almost any container into a planter. In this post, you will be served with tips, guides, and ideas about incorporating that kind of container into your garden. Well, let’s get ready.

List of Tips And Ideas How To Plant With Galvanized Tub Planter

Well, many people might face issues in finding the right tubs or buckets for their garden. You can visit many places. All types of planters would be available on gardening supply stores nearby.

If you want to find a specific planter for the garden, go to hardware stores for more. However, those stores would only sell a brand new product. So, it is recommended to visit some vintage shops, flea markets, and garage sales to get old or vintage ones.

You may get the galvanized tubs and buckets you want for just a few dollars. Some used stuff tends to be broken or contained holes. That would be one step ahead, right?

1. Galvanized Tub Stand Planters

Galvanized Tub Stand Planters

Choosing any container as the planter of your garden can be tricky. It is better to know what kind of plants the gardener is planning to have. Speaking of galvanized thing, there is a wide variety of choices to deal with.

It can be something that others might consider as trash, such as old buckets, enamel buckets, washtubs, and many more. See those stuff as pieces that you can up-cycle or reuse to be a more functional thing.

One of the advantages of having galvanized pots is that it can last for a long time. Can you plant in a galvanized tub planter? Yes, of course. Before that, there are some preparations to do to get the container suitable and ready.

2. Galvanized Bucket In Front Of The Door

Galvanized Bucket In Front Of The Door

Here are a few steps to take before the planting. First, prepare the vintage galvanized container. Then, begin drilling a few holes for drainage. It is so important to do in any type of pot. The amount should be enough for water to escape.

You do not have to use an electric drill to make the holes. If there is no such tool in the house, just use a large nail. Hammer it into the bottom of the bucket or tub and pulled it back out. Then, repeat the steps to make more holes.

Place the galvanized bucket or tub and fill it with soil. Choose the type of mix you want for your plant. Make sure to fill the container with good quality of soil that is combined with some compost to encourage the growth.

After that, start the planting process. It is going to be your favorite time of the year. Be it flowers, herbs, or vegetables; make sure they are ready to be sitting on a galvanized tub planter.

3. Old Rusty Metal Feed As Galvanized Planter

Old Rusty Metal Feed As Galvanized Planter

For your outdoor farmhouse garden, this one is something to look at. It has all the rust that space needs. Some people might think that there is too much rust; it is close to looking like junk. However, it is enough to make a statement when using it for planting flowers like that of White Vinca.

This one kind of galvanized tub planter ideas should be on the list. You can get these metal feed troughs at a barn sale. This container is heavy and it has a great patina too. It is okay to have this for an indoor garden, but it is better to keep it outside.

4. Old Turbin For Galvanized Planter Ideas

Old Turbin For Galvanized Planter Ideas

It is such a unique piece for your garden. It is something that you may find spinning on top of the roof. This one is called a turbine vent. When this thing is no longer useful, it can be part of the planter.

Combine the old turbine vent piece with galvanized tub planter and use them to plant such flowers. There is no need to repaint it, just let the rust create a unique charm to your garden.

5. Stand Galvanized Tub Planter Ideas

Stand Galvanized Tub Planter Ideas

Look at this old galvanized washtub. It will surely make a great planter for your outdoor garden. It is even packed with a steel stand that upscales the charm. You can use the container to plant flowers or herbs.

It features a decent depth that can accommodate any type of plant especially the taller ones. If your place is limited, it could be a good option to try. Just place them on a porch or patio. Make sure the area gives the garden a lot of sunshine. Do not forget to water them regularly.

As you can see, the metal stand is a DIY product. It is structured using some old pieces of metal. The rust adds a rustic charm to the container. In the picture, it is used to plant herbs. With that size, plant more than one variety to make use of the entire space.

6. Collection Of Vegetable Plants In Galvanized Planter

Collection Of Vegetable Plants In Galvanized Planter

A vegetable is a great choice of plant to grow in a galvanized tub planter. Here are some of the reasons.

Galvanized tub planters are easy to use. You do not need a construction like in wooden raised beds.
If you were having a new one, it would be a good investment since it will last for decades.
This type of planter will prevent the plants from burrowing animals. Make sure to have it at least 3 feet tall to avoid rabbits.
If you want the used galvanized tub planter, buy it at farm sales or flea markets.
The new ones are available at farm stores and garden centers. They are easy to find.
There is a wide array of choices when it comes to shapes, sizes, and heights. To face mobility issues, aim for the taller ones.
With galvanized tub planter, you can build yourself a healthy garden. There are some recommended varieties of vegetables and herbs to choose from. The edible plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, lettuces, beans, radishes, Eggplants, and Zucchini are perfect for it.

You can also go with herbs like rosemary, Dill, Parsley, Thyme, Fennel, Lavender, Basil, and many others. You will be having an incredibly therapeutic garden space. Grab them whenever you want during the cooking. The fresh ingredients would be ready every time.

7. Flower Garden With Galvanized Planter Ideas

Flower Garden With Galvanized Planter Ideas

Check out this flower garden. The farmhouse style makes the space so special. It is such an amazing scene to enjoy. Set it on your porch or patio stairs. The rustic wood compliments the earthy color of the containers.

You can choose the type of flowers you want. Besides, it is recommended to have white ones. That is because such color would help neutralize the extreme rustic charm on this farmhouse space.

8. Farmhouse Style Galvanized Planter Ideas

Farmhouse Style Galvanized Planter Ideas

This is a great idea to try for outdoor space. A farmhouse style could not get any better when having this. It is like having a miniature garden. The gardener designs it by filling the container with alpine plants.

It contains some useful herbs for your cooking ingredients and colorful flowers too. Alpine plants are ideal for amateur gardeners. That is because most of them are easier to grow even with minimal maintenance. People love them also because of the adaptability and versatility.

This one is going to be a great idea to have for your outdoor garden space. There is a lot of space for the plants in the container with great depth for any type of plant.

9. Dented Washtubs Set As Galvanized Planter

Dented Washtubs Set As Galvanized Planter

If you are looking for something sleek and stunning, this might not be the place to look. Look at this repurposed junk. It could be a good idea to reuse the galvanized washtubs left inside the warehouse.

Those washtubs are dented in on one side. The gardener decided to place a flat rock at the spot to block the soil, so it will not escape the container. You can fill them with White New Guinea Impatiens.

As you can see, the washtub’s garden is right under a Maple tree. It means the flower needs a shaded space to thrive.

10. Colorfull Flowers In Galvanized Planter

Colorfull Flowers In Galvanized Planter

Many gardeners have great success growing perennials in galvanized tub planter. So, it is recommended to have that variety of plants in your garden. Hostas can be a nice one to choose from. It will add visual interest when the flowers return after the winter season.

There might be some problems for people who live in an area with bitterly cold temperatures. They can do something. Add a layer of mulch on top of the galvanized tub planter and place the entire plant under a porch or inside the house. Do not worry it will return after you get the warm weather.

11. Edible Plant In Galvanized Tub Planter

Edible Plant In Galvanized Tub Planter

Some people feel worried about planting edible plants like herbs and veggies in galvanized tub planters. That is because of the health hazards since the material is contained with zinc. Well, it is true.

When consumed or breathed, zinc can be hazardous to your health. However, the bad effect of growing edible plants in such a container is very low. Many places use galvanized pipes for drinking water supplies. Therefore, that will not be a problem for vegetables and herbs.

Well, you do not need to have many considerations to choose galvanized tub planters to grow things for food supply. On the other hand, you can just grow decorative plants like flowers to avoid any risk.

12. Rustic Metal Appealing Galvanized Water Tub Planter

Rustic Metal Appealing Galvanized Water Tub Planter

Check out this appealing piece of the container. The large galvanized tub planter is perfect for a beautiful flower garden. The texture and color are left natural as rustic metal. However, there are some words written on the side of the metal trough tub.

It says ‘Grow What You Love’. That surely represents your passion for gardening. Set this big planter right in your backyard. Make it the center of attention in the garden and fill it with colorful flowers and some shrubs. It is a great way to embrace nature.

13. Metal Container Galvanized Planter On Wheels

Metal Container Galvanized Planter On Wheels

It is not just a unique piece for the garden but also a smart one. Adding wheels to galvanized containers improve the portability. That could be great especially for specific plants.

Some plants need a specific amount of time to get direct sunlight. When the time is enough, you should move them to a shady space or inside the house. That is why you need wheels to make it easier.

14. Diy Flower Bed Galvanized Tub Planter

Diy Flower Bed Galvanized Tub Planter

It is an astonishing piece of planter for your outdoor garden. When it has a suitable finish, a galvanized tub can make a great addition to the modern style area. Look at this fancy raised flowerbed idea.

This is what people with modern space looking for. This spray-painted container will enhance the curb appeal of your porch or patio. Moreover, you can have this piece as the center of attention in the driveway.

This method allows you to turn any galvanized container into something clean and sleek that suits any style of the outdoors.

15. Diy Combination Of Galvanized Planter Ideas

Diy Combination Of Galvanized Planter Ideas

There is a bunch of galvanized containers and a combination of plants in the scene. It is a great thing to display in your outdoor area. Enjoy the colorful blooming flowers and other decorative plants side by side.

This galvanized tub planter DIY is a great idea for your next crafting project. You can fill the planters with any plants you like. The one in the picture contains a mix of orange trailing petunias, peach verbena, and calibrachoa. There is also a creeping jenny. It is the little green thing spilling over.

Building this flower tower will need creative skills. Follow the tutorial very carefully to copy the exact structural design.

After all, you now know how to deal with galvanized tub planter. Incorporate the piece to your garden properly. Choose the right plants for it to maximize the charm. Remember, this container has a strong appearance. Use it wisely.

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