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Practical 5 Gallon Bucket Garden For Your Narrow Backyard

A 5 gallon bucket garden is a perfect solution for you who are looking for a way to make the most of your tiny backyard or a small balcony in an apartment.

You just need to prepare 5-gallon containers, some planting soil, stones, compost, and peat moss. While it may seem a bit overwhelming, bucket gardening is indeed very simple.

List of Practical 5 Gallon Bucket Garden For Your Narrow Backyard

This gardening project is not only ideal for those who own limited space but also great for homeowners in general.

Different from traditional gardening, it is possible to acquire a greater variety of plants with 5 gallon bucket garden. Besides, you do not have to deal with any weeding treatment.

When it comes to pests, you can be less worry since there will fewer to handle as well. To try it, here is a list to repurpose 5-gallon baskets in your garden.

1. DIY Vegetable Planters

DIY Vegetable Planters

Having a small garden should not stop you from growing a variety of vegetables. With bucket gardening, it is possible to control the water quantity while restricting the risk of pests and weeds infestation.

However, is it safe to grow vegetables in 5 gallon buckets? The answer is generally yes, but you should keep in mind that 5 gallon bucket garden typically requires a higher dose of fertilizer since there is an inadequate amount of nutrients available in the compost.
Refer to this following list to help you pick the right vegetables to grow in a bucket.

2. Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard

Coming from the same family as beets, Swiss chard grows like lettuce but acquires a little longer season of growing. This leafy green is capable to endure the hot summer despite being cold, hardy species.

You can grow Swiss chard in a 5-gallon bucket during spring and fall as well. However, if growing beets are also on your list, consider skipping this veggie since both are similar.

3. Lettuce


If you are thinking of 5 gallon bucket garden with a variety of vegetables to choose from, growing lettuce will be a good idea.

This kind of veggie grows well in shallow planters. If necessary, you can inter-plant lettuce with slower-growing varieties.

Throughout the danger of iciness, it is still possible to grow lettuce in your bucket garden. Then, you can consider bringing the container indoor to lengthen the growing season.

4. Kale


One of the easiest and best vegetables to grow in buckets is kale. Just like other brassica varieties, this veggie, it is effortless to grow it in pots.

Moreover, you can also grow kale in any season throughout the year. However, it may taste better after going through frost.

Both kale and Swiss chard can be employed for cut-and-come-again salads as long as they have grown until 5 centimeters or higher.

5. Arugula


Arugula is another good choice when you want to try 5 gallon bucket garden. This plant is popular for its spicy and sweet flowers in addition to the peppery leaves.

Compared to other common herb plants, arugula is especially good for bucket gardening since it does not need so much space to grow perfectly.

6. Raspberry Shortcake In Pot On Grass

Raspberry Shortcake In Pot On Grass

Aside from vegetables, you can also plant a variety of fruits in your 5-gallon buckets. Even though some of them will be quite difficult to grow, the result must be satisfying.

Owning a little root system, cherry trees become an ideal fruit to grown in your 5 gallon bucket garden. However, you should mind about the varieties since some of them may require different sun exposure.

Most sour varieties of cherries will like to grow in a sunny area while nearly all the sweet ones are going to work well in a shady space.

7. Lemon


Lemon is another fruit tree that you can grow in containers or indoors, especially when the surrounding climates are too frosty for them to cultivate outdoors.

Try to plant Meyer lemons since they produce exceptionally great in buckets. You may choose to plant this citrus tree from seed or otherwise.

In addition to lemons, you can also consider other citrus fruits such as mini oranges and kumquats for a bucket or indoor growing.

8. Tomatoes


Smaller varieties of this fruit will grow well in your 5 gallon bucket garden. For instance, you can consider cherry tomatoes since they are striking producers and easy to dry once the plants over-produce.

Then, how many tomatoes fit in a 5 gallon bucket? For the best result, you need to grow only one tomato tree in each container.

9. Maximum Yield Hydroponic Melons

Maximum Yield Hydroponic Melons

10. Rain Barrel Beauty Shot

Rain Barrel Beauty Shot

11. Original_henderson Water Fountain Beauty

Original_henderson Water Fountain Beauty

12. Stunning Flower Bucket

Stunning Flower Bucket

Adorn your 5 gallon bucket garden with a selection of beautiful flowers. Who guessed that those mediocre-looking tin containers could double as rustic pots for your favorite blooms?

Not only look perfect in any garden, but these flower buckets are also capable to accommodate the growth of various plants.

As a repurposed item, a metal bucket is effortless to turn into another practical element of your 5 gallon bucket garden. Besides, it will not break your bank to get the most colorful flowers at home.

Nevertheless, these alternative containers may not allow you to grow big flowering plants, as well as low profile and shallow-rooted ones.

13. DIY Potato Bucket

DIY Potato Bucket

Whether you are looking for an idea of practical bucket gardening for beginners or experts, it is highly recommended to consider growing potatoes.

The good news is that adapting potatoes in a bucket will not be difficult. Besides, it will provide you with a chance to begin the growing process indoors and transport the produces outside when the weather is good.

This DIY potato bucket will work like a raised garden bed. It can maintain the warmth of the soil so that the plants keep on protected from until the bad of the frost ends.

Additionally, since your potatoes will grow inside the buckets, harvesting can be easier as well. You do not need to tug or dig the produces later.

14. Useful Bucket Drip Irrigation

Useful Bucket Drip Irrigation

Your 5 gallon bucket garden should involve this useful drip irrigation. This DIY idea gives you an in-ground water system that is cost-effective.

All you need to do is punching several small holes in the base of plastic buckets. Then, put them in the ground until their rims come up to the soil.

After that, fill the containers to make the system works. This helpful 5 gallon bucket garden tool will supply a regular and stable water delivery to the neighboring soil without leaking excess stream in unnecessary areas.

Moreover, this quick measure may also assist you to cut down water use and put your plants away from a variety of fungal diseases.

15. DIY Rice Planter

DIY Rice Planter

Who says it is impossible to grow rice at home? This 5 gallon bucket garden idea shows you that recreating the images of water-drenched paddy fields in your backyard is highly viable.

It will be fun to plant rice with its identical natural growing environment around your backyard, porch, or even the kitchen sill.

To proceed with the project, a cheap, easily found tool like a plastic bucket will be necessary. Of course, you do not need to grow huge quantities of rice for this purpose.

16. Hanging Bucket Garden

Hanging Bucket Garden

Do you want to do something more challenging than the above 5 gallon bucket garden idea? Then, growing veggies upside down will be an out-of-the-box choice.

Even though it is not simple, growing tomatoes or other plants in a five-gallon bucket in this manner is highly exceptional.

17. DIY Aquaponic System

DIY Aquaponic System

Combining hydroponics and aquaculture, this food production method is probably unfamiliar for most people.

However, you can start this concept by taking advantage of an inexpensive bucket to raise fish. Although this system is not visually attractive, it will work nicely.

Plastic buckets offer the base necessary elements to create an aquaponic system. Besides, they will be an inexpensive option if you make mistakes while building it.

This 5 gallon bucket garden idea can hold a significant amount of little fish and allow necessary piping to be installed for water passage. Furthermore, you may also like to include some plants that are suitable for aquaponics.

18. Handy Compost Tea Brewer

Handy Compost Tea Brewer

Boost the flavor of your vegetables by using compost tea. If you are interested in this multipurpose elixir, trying to brew it should be a great idea.

Meanwhile, compost tea is also useful for speeding up toxin breakdown and preventing foliage diseases in your vegetables.

With an unused container and a little leftover compost that is placed in a burlap sack, you can create this 5 gallon bucket garden tool for brewing a pleasant, nutritious treat for your veggie garden.

19. Crop Protection Tool

Crop Protection Tool

Every gardener should consider this device for his/her 5 gallon bucket garden idea. It will help them to deal with an infestation by frequent animal pests such as moles, rodents, and rabbits.

You just need to get a five-gallon bucket and use it to defend your plants throughout their fragile months. This easy DIY idea makes a great tool to protect tinier plants from strong winds, frost, and hail as well.

While protecting your plants from those annoying creatures, this device will also offer a conditioned setting, which is appropriate for their growing necessities.

20. DIY Mushroom Farm

DIY Mushroom Farm

Employ reusable items to grow your mushrooms in a space-restricted manner. This quick DIY idea is suitable for growing the species throughout any climate change.

You can utilize several types of containers including 5-gallon plastic buckets that are cheap, portable, and strong.

The containers will make a great site to grow Oyster mushrooms since these species are less sensitive to surrounding temperature and not fussy about their growing media.

21. DIY Self-Watering Container

 DIY Self-Watering Container

Sometimes it is just too much to water a big garden that requires intensive stream. For this issue, you should consider creating a self-watering container with some buckets.

This 5 gallon bucket garden project is a handy way to meet your water-intensive circumstances. You will find the tool makes growing plants more effortless and is suitable for apartment gardening.

It will only take an hour or two to create this useful self-watering container from a five-gallon bucket.

22. Yellow Bucket

Yellow Bucket

In conclusion, owning a small space or balcony should not limit you to grow some plants since there is bucket gardening to try.

For growing vegetables and fruits on the buckets, you just need to water them regularly to keep the plants healthy. Since this method of gardening requires a small amount of soil, frequent watering is essential to maintain the necessary moist.

Aside from growing fruits and veggies, your gardening project can also involve other practical tools made of the same reusable materials. Now, are you ready to give this 5 gallon bucket garden a shot?

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